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1 - 10" Frying Pan (TM126) 1 - 10" Sauce Pan with Glass Lid (TM 226) 1 - 10" Roasting Pot with Glass Lid (TM 726).
We will also include your choice of a 6" Universal Pot (TM 150) or a 7" Frying Pan (TM 120).
Titanium cast high rim sauce pans are especially suited for dishes with sauces such as goulash or stuffed bell peppers. Titanium Exclusive Cookware is the largest distributor of Titanium Cookware in North America,we carry Protected Non-Stick Titanium Cookware Hi-Tech European Design, Made & Quality . Click the button below to add the Titanium Exclusive Cookware Starter Set B to your wish list. So, you’re ready to go: you’ve purchased the spices, chosen the freshest, finest ingredients, and are brimming with enthusiasm for your new cooking adventures. If you’re lucky, some prescient, generous friend or family member will have supplied you with a good set of stainless steel starter dishes. There are many places to go for your cookware, and a variety of styles and materials to choose from. You can select from a variety of materials for your pots and pans: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, non-stick. Depending on your ambitions, you might also like to get a wok or karhai for deep- and stir-frying. Lastly, a onetime purchase you should invest in is bottles, jars, or containers in which to store your ingredients. Hopefully these suggestions will get you on your way, but like anything, cooking is a project in progress, and you will get a better idea of what you most use and need the more time you spend in the kitchen.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No kitchen is complete without these basic utensils, this chunky wooden set includes two dinner plates, a frying pan, a cooking pot with lid, a spatula, a cooking spoon, two knives, two forks and salt & pepper pots. We offer a free UK standard royal mail delivery service for all orders of £30 or over.
Please contact our dedicated Customer Services team to obtain a price for overseas postage. At Sue Ryder you can buy with confidence as all of our goods are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. Our 30-day return policy is limited in the case of items requiring self-assembly which you have assembled, however please get in touch in the first instance so that we can try and resolve any issues for you. If more than seven (7) business days have passed since satisfactory delivery of an item requiring self-assembly, that item may only be returned for refund or replacement if the item is faulty. In the event that you decide to return the goods under the above money back guarantee you are required to take reasonable care of the items until you return them to us.

Keep up to date with incredible offers and promotions by entering your email address below. Paula Deen Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware SetSpruce up your kitchen with this Paula Deen Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set.
Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set Color Blueberry SpeckleSpruce up your kitchen with this Paula Deen Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set. Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set Color Coral SpeckleSpruce up your kitchen with this Paula Deen Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set.
Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set Color Lavender SpeckleSpruce up your kitchen with this Paula Deen Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set. All products from the Titanium Exclusive series are made of a high quality aluminum alloy cast in a German smeltery. But now you realize there’s more: What implements and accessories will help you reach cooking heaven?
But besides the dishes, you will need containers to hold your spices and ingredients, as well as some essential cooking utensils: ladle, spatula, and the like. A wise cook buys a starter set of stainless steel pots with heavy bottoms and adds to these as needed. I am not an expert on the health hazards or benefits of any of them, but a quick search online should provide ample information on the topic. And take it from a cooking junkie: in truth, you can never have too many utensils or ingredients! A multifaceted artist, at home, on stage, in front of the camera and in the kitchen feeding mouth-watering feasts to guests at her Divans are among Ronica’s many talents. Stylish and practical pan set with a non-stick carbon steel coating and bakelite handles for fantastic heat resistance. Please note that the colour of images may be affected by the availability of images or the technology used to access this site. Some of our products are made from natural materials, where some normal colour variations may also occur. This high-quality cookware set has a solid aluminum construction, which lends it excellent durability.
My favourite make is Paderno, made in Canada with a good warranty and quite affordable prices if you choose the right time to make your purchase (read sales!). In terms of durability, however, in my experience stainless steel works best, though it’s always a good idea to also have one pan with a non-stick bottom.
As far as tools go, you could do worse than purchase a set of wooden utensils: a shallow spoon for stirring, a slotted spatula, and a ladle. They are glass, so your ingredients are visible, and you can label them, easily wash them, and replace ingredients without much ado.

A regular traveler to Buenos Aires, Ronica’s love and fascination with tango and the Spanish language has not abated; it feeds her deep relationship with food, dance and wine!
We will use reasonable commercial efforts to load faithful reproductions of the product offered, and please refer to the description of the product alongside the image to confirm colour and dimensions. This "commercial style" cookware heats quickly and evenly because its heavy gauge, cast aluminum interior retains heat so well. If you want to be able to use your cookware both in the oven and on the stove top, make sure the handles are heat-proof. If Fortune smiles upon you, you might even have access to a hand-forged Japanese knife, loved and coveted by chefs. In my experience, plastic containers begin to look a bit worn after a while, and they don’t clean as well as glass ones.
The durable titanium coating on the inside of the pan is non-stick which reduces the fat when you cook and the elbow-grease when you clean up!
Several other makes will also do the job, including some store brands such as Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Home Depot, the Bay, Kitchen Stuff Plus, and of course the higher priced items at specialty cookware stores; in the latter category, Lagostina or All Clad come to mind (to name just a couple). If you’re so inclined, you can also buy your equipment at some cooking schools, like Nella and Calphalon in Toronto, for example.
Speckled lavender and copper accents mean the Paula Deen Signature Porcelain 15 Piece Cookware Set - Lavender looks as good as it cooks.
The lids are made of clear Pyrex so you can monitor cooking progress without lifting the lid. This set is the perfect starter for any stylish kitchen because it includes essential pots, pans, and lids. The twenty year warranty assures that you may anticipate many years of superior cooking performance.
The pots and pans are made of heavy-gauge aluminum with non-stick coatings and double-riveted handles. The Georgia native parlayed a home-based meal delivery service into her successful Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah, Ga.
In 2008, Deen partnered with Meyer Corporation to launch a line of signature cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, and accessories, which are used by home cooks everywhere.

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