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The listing of these products is for informational purposes and individuals must use their own caution and judgment when using these resources. This frypan is made of pressure cast aluminum with a non-stick ceramic titanium cooking surface. Nonstick surface doesn't scratch even when using metal utensils, but scuff marks will show over time. Though the frypan comes without a lid, the pots in the series have heavy, breakable glass lids which we do not recommend. This attractive cookware, including the pan and lid, are made from hand-poured cast aluminum.
The largest pots in this product line are heavy and not recommended for older persons or persons with dementia. Pots discolor and scratch easily, but we didn't find that this affected their performance - confirmed by manufacturer. Harder to clean than cookware with non-stick finishes; this frypan is particularly difficult to clean. The FDA reviewed existing data because of consumer concern and formally announced in May 1986 that the agency has no information that the normal dietary intake of aluminum, whether from naturally occurring levels in food, the use of aluminum cookware, or from aluminum food additives or drugs, is harmful. Our goal is to teach you how to be a good consumer and to help you learn about specific products and unique product features that may enhance your safety and the safety and function of the person with dementia.

We encourage you to discuss product selection with other caregivers and health care professionals. As a result of our testing, we're listing the pros and cons for using these products and including safety precautions for various products. Products listed on our website but not tested by are referred to as "Product Listings". One test assessed damage to empty pots and pans after sitting for 30 minutes on an electric burner set on high.
Functional levels and changes in judgment and reasoning are highly variable in people with dementia.
The handles contain phenolic, a resin used in plastics that has high temperature stability. In 1986, the agency formally announced that it had no information indicating that the normal dietary intake of aluminum, whether from naturally occurring levels in food, the use of aluminum cookware, or from aluminum food additives or drugs, is harmful.
Only four brands survived without any damage; the pans did not melt, rivets did not loosen, etc). Interventions must be individualized and continually assessed because those that are effective for some individuals may only work briefly and may not work at all for others. The manufacturer states that its products are guaranteed not to warp and are oven safe to 500?F.

The manufacturer claims that counterfeits of this product are on the market, but aren't made of the same materials.
The manufacturer reports that knockoffs of its products are available at some stores, but are not made of the same quality materials.
Manufacturers continually change product specifications and the products represented may be different from those now on the market. We are only reporting on two of these brands, Magnalite Classic and Scanpan Classic, based on price and ease of use; both of these products are fairly light weight and easy to carry, except where noted. Scanpan cookware, other than the fry pans, have heavy, breakable glass covers, which we do not recommend. Both manufacturers report there have been no changes to the cookware since the 2005 Consumer Reports testing.

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