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Pen y Graig occupies possibly the most enviable plot on the resort, overlooking Aber Grugog cove with stunning views along the cliffs towards Dinas Head.
For a theatre that has been so focused on plays with a political message of late - Hope, God Bless the Child, Teh Internet is Serious Business, 2071 - the programming of a Roald Dahl adaptation at the Royal Court is an odd choice, especially during a General Election.
A new detached spacious villa with private pool and garden located on Larnaca Dhekelia Road.
If so, they haven't made it.There is a delicious darkness to Roald Dahl's original book about a vile and dirty couple who are rotten to the core.

We stayed the first week of December and yes it was windy and yes it did rain but it didn't stop us getting in the hot tub and enjoying the view! I desperately wanted this adaptation to capture that spirit but the result is not good, patchy at best.Visually, The Twits is sumptuous. Chloe Lamford has recreated the Twits' grim home wonderfully, with its grubby kitchen and overgrown tangled garden.The impressive production design is complemented by some terrific performances from a cast that give it everything. They are full of grisly pleasure, wringing every drop of enjoyment possible out of torturing their caged monkeys, unsuspecting passers-by and even each other.However, director John Tiffany's decision to play this for laughs reduces the Twits to a more pantomime couple, more Punch and Judy.

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