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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you want the bottom of the pan to be smooth, use the round end of a marker lid, or the rubber end of pliers handles to smooth out the bottom. Glue the rounded end to the inside of the pan, and the rolled up end to the outside of the pan. Use pliers to finish squeezing the wrest of the wrinkles out of the edge of the lid as well as the lip.
The easiest way to make packages with your favorite products is to cut rectangles of styrofoam, cover with paper, then glue on pictures cut off of grocery store flyers or advertisements.
Another way to make boxes of food is to cut out cartons out of stiff paper (card stock) and glue the advertisement pictures to these tiny boxes.

If the edge has sharp bits, be sure to cut them off with tinsnips or file them smooth with a file. Press the side in with one hand while using the other hand to straighten outA  the top edge. Cut outA  the photo 3 times as big as the picture (like the dotted line around the photo above). If it is too tight, bend it in, and if it is too loose, bend it out a bit so that the lid fits snuggly into the pan. The plastic container should be soft enough to cut with scissors, though it may be easier to get a hole started with a craft knife. The one shown here is milk bottle.A  If you want the plates to have a rim, bend the edges up with your fingernails or with a pair of tweezers.

Fill the tube with crumpled up tissue or toilet paper and staple or tape both open ends of the tube.
You can make salad plates, dinner plates, and platters, if you can find bottle caps or pen caps the right size.

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