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Spanish Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Spanish language. The first image that comes to my mind is the traditional apple pie dish, baked on top of an aluminum foil plate.
The pan may be called molde para tartas because it basically means that you want to make a dessert in the shape of a pie. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged vocabulario comida or ask your own question.
Do compounds exist in Spanish which are not nouns or are nouns other than than of the form (3ps verb + pl noun)?
Is it acceptable for paid online course to use quizzes and materials from elsewhere on the internet? Enamel Pie and Baking dish featuring a wide rim and ample depth making it ideal for baking pies and puddings.

Enamel Round Pie dish featuring a wide rim and ample depth making it ideal for baking pies and puddings and ensures a crisper base for pastry. These Silverwood Deep Fluted Flan Tins have loose bases and are available in five sizes: 7in to 11in in diameter. Looking around on a department store website, the closest approximations I can find to the Google image results for pie pan are simply labelled as molde. Created with efficiency in mind, it is perfect for establishments that need to bake multiple pies each day in order to keep up with their customers' growing demands. A good, homemade pie with a good, homemade crust is tough to beat, but I think there is one way that you could improve the design: a pumpkin-shaped pie pan.
Perfect for bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, it is an ideal solution for fruit pies, quiches, and casseroles.
This Pumpkin Pie Pan is about the same size as a regular 9-inch pie pan, but with enough flair to set your pumpkin pie apart on a holiday dessert table.

The pan is made of fairly lightweight aluminum and can be used in exactly the same way as a standard pie plate.
Featuring a full curl rim, it is attractive enough to display pies in a pie case or countertop stand. It holds roughly 15-ounces of filling, so if you happen to have a batch of filling for a deep dish pan (i.e. In addition, the flexible aluminum material allows for easy serving while still offering a sturdy and break-resistant vessel for the pie. Finally, this item is disposable which means won't have to worry about extensive cleanup at the end of the night, and you have the option to send leftover pie home with your guests.

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