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I thought the real life Olivia Pope was supposed to be handling America’s Paula Deen? Apparently not, as this week the celebrity television chef, who has been plagued by lawsuits and first hand accounts of her calling employees the N word, is back to let America know that she knows just what it feels like to be to be the first openly gay player in professional football.
It’s no surprise that Deen would feel embattled, but as someone who said racially insensitive things, it is a surprise that Deen sees herself as the oppressed, instead of the one doing the oppressing. A new study published in the Academy of Management Journal found that managers love to hear about workplace diversity—so long as it’s not coming from women or people of color. In other words, Paula will see that heffa in the whites only section in hell for ruining her life.
So my heart was heavy when I heard her confirm rumors that she, like nearly 26 million people in this country suffer from diabetes. The ladies of The View continued on with the topic today, asking whether Paula Deen has a responsibility to lighten up?
Like everything else, Americans have the ability to choose what they do and don’t want to subscribe to. No it s not Paula Deen’s responsibility to censor her recipes in order to babysit a fat nation.
People don’t need to eat bland boring food in order to be healthy, they just need to get a grip and quit blaming eveyone but themselves for their own food choices. On the other hand, I believe this is a teachable moment for Paula Deen, as she can now introduce healthier alternatives to her cuisine that are still Southern in flavor. That said, I, among with a great many others, find it difficult to swallow the timing of the pharma company endorsement, the emergence of her sons’ show and recipe book, and the continuation of her show. And don’t publish fat laden cookbooks and then tell people that you have always preached moderation, cause I am pretty sure I missed that sermon.
I don’t think Paula Deen has any responsibility to anyone (except maybe to herself) to change her diet. The real issue is her clandestine agreement with the diabetic drug company before revealing she has diabetes. How about preparing recipes so I never have to go down the path and take the drugs in the first place.
In these economic times, we all gravitate to comfort foods so make them healthy and be honest! She can be a positive role model and now an example for changing your diet to get rid of diabetes without medication, but she is the spokes person for the medication so showing you how to make foods so you won’t need the drugs is out of the question.
Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have other full-time jobs to support their work on the site.

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Or Paula sent Jellyroll to drop a bag of money on Lisa’s porch to make this all go away and Lisa took it and then released that bullshit statement. Maybe Paula threatened Lisa by promising to crawl up into her bed every morning and wake her up with that face if she didn’t drop the lawsuit. If you see an offensive or spammy comment you think should be deleted, flag it for the mods and they'll be forever grateful and give you their first born (although, you probably don't want that). I met Paula Deen back when I was an anchor on that network morning broadcast and our paths crossed several times after that, most notably when I shot that pilot with her a few years back. But even before people could digest that fact, she was in the center of a swirling storm with many wondering what role her love of rich, Southern (and often-times, unhealthy) food played in her condition. Look, yesterday she became arguably one of the most visible people living with this condition. When not spending time with her family or burning something for dinner, Rene travels the country as host of Sweet Retreats on The Live Well Network and Exhale on Aspire.
Whether she got her diagnosis three years ago or three days ago, this is not something that can be stopped overnight, nor is it something that should be. Because Deen cooks some heart-stopping, blood glucose-raising, death sentence of a wonderful tasting meal doesn’t mean you have to recreate it to share with your family. If most people are like me and watch cooking shows for entertainment purposes, then they aren’t directly affected by the kinds of rich foods Paula Deen creates. As a diabetic, I sympathize with her love of these foods, most of which she can’t include in her personal diet any more. But I can hardly imagine a better platform for helping millions of people think differently about food and learn to cook in healthier ways.
In other words, at any time in your life you could be that other person in despair so do what you can to help your fellow man.
We eat with our eyes first so she can make it look appealing and that is what draws us to the show and her food.
So let me get this right, she makes delicious tasting foods that can lead you down the path of getting diabetes. That is the same as the cigarette companies selling you the patch or cancer medication AFTER you have cancer. And for some, the news that a Food Network star who built her brand with cheeseburger meatloaf and Krispy Kreme bread pudding now has diabetes was a rich gloating opportunity. Though we don’t currently accept guest submissions, we have an open platform Community site to which anyone can contribute. But now Paula can climb on top of the rubble where her deep fried kingdom of lard used to be and celebrate, because the entire lawsuit has been dismissed.

Months later, she entertained Buff, me and the kids at her place and of course, they all fell in love with her. The best thing Paula can do is use her power and fame to come up with recipes that are healthier. My concern about all that is why Deen has to be responsible for other folks’ inability to deny themselves. Deen is neither in the wellness, nutrition, nor healthcare fields, so I’m not sure why anything she says about eating should be held up as an example of good health.
I hope she jumps at the opportunity and devotes at least some of her shows to teach recipe modification techniques for people with health issues. At the end of the path she suggests you take the drugs to help you maintain your insulin levels to control the diabetes. Can Paula Deen and her love of all things fried be blamed for the expanding waistlines in this country? She has her own health to be concerned about without having to make sure she meets someone else’s standards of what she should be doing with her own brand. She knew she was going to get crucified for her cooking, but honestly…this is her choice.
Here in the South, we are world famous (and the world’s worst) for eating food that is rich that is high in fats and carbohydrates. When did we as a society decide to not give those who share their lives with us in all sorts of ways some madicum of privacy?
But to go on a big media tour and not admit her diabetes is diet related is down right dangerous to some who will believe her and follow her advice, not that of their doctor or dietician.
And then she makes light of it ( with a tear in her eye) that she hasn’t had a sweet tea in 3 years. And I’ve never heard her say her way was good for us or should be used on a regular basis.
Most everyone knows too much butter, sugar and fat is going to widen your load and put you in a small, pine box probably years before your time. Paula has partnered with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to spread the word on managing diabetes.
Her new “healthy” lasagna includes cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, egg, egg white, mozzarella cheese, gruyere cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese and beef.
Deen to offer healthier options with less sugar and fat and would probably use more of her recipes on a regular basis.

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