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If you're known for your game-day chili, you'd better get out the Farberware 50008 Classic Series Stainless Steel 12 qt. The core is completely clad in stainless steel so, like the rest of the pan, the bottom resists corrosion and discoloring, and cleans up easily. Thick rolled rims add durability and make it possible to pour from the pan without dripping.

Farber set up a shop in Manhattan, where he started a small business making bowls and vases out of hand-pounded sheets of copper and brass. Since that time, the Farberware company has grown exponentially; in 1930 they introduced their first line of percolators, adding small appliances to the list of items for which they were already known. Over the years, they have been responsible for such designs as the electric fry pan with removable probe for easy cleaning and the "Open Hearth" smokeless broiler.

With Farberware, you know you're not just buying a piece of cookware; you're buying a legacy of great value.

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