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The Tools range of kitchenware includes premium pots and pans designed by Bjorn Dahlstrom in 1998.
If the item is in stock, your order will be shipped the next business day and arrive anywhere in the continental U.S. With the convenience of nonstick cookware, many wouldn’t think of making a change until they start to feel uncomfortable about the potential heath hazards that come with flaky pans. There are not many pieces in this set unlike the usual 10 or 12 pieces bundles that you often find with other types of cookware.
This Lodge Logic 5 piece set has excellent heat retention which makes it perfect for searing meat.
Hand wash is recommended for the pieces and they need to be wiped dry immediately after washing. Price – The cost of this cast iron cookware set is much lower than what you would typically need to pay for top range brands like All Clad. Rough interior – Some buyers have complained that the interior surface is a little rough because it is not properly sanded. Cast iron cookware tend to scare people off with their high maintenance routine but for many people who have dared to take the plunge, they wouldn’t want to use anything else afterwards. As these are heavy and bulky we don't always keep many in stock but we can get them fairly easily so just send us an enquiry and we'll usually be able to get one within a couple of weeks.

Rubbing a little vegetable oil onto the pieces afterwards is also advisable so that food is less likely to stick when they are used again later. Yes, the materials are different between a cast iron and stainless steel cookware, but if you are on a tight budget and need something that is solid and durable, cast iron is the way to go. Unlike nonstick pots and pans that need to be replaced every few years or even months, the Lodge Cast Iron cookware will last you decades, if properly taken care of. Some buyers even cook eggs using the Lodge skillets and many feel that food also comes out tastier. This Lodge 5-piece set has a shipping weight of 27 pounds, which is typically what a 12 to 17-piece nonstick and stainless steel set would weigh. You will need to re-season the cookware periodically and avoid leaving it wet to avoid rust. Hence, you might need to do it yourself and re-season for a smoother surface to better prevent food from sticking. The Lodge Pre-Season Skillet is a good start to see if you like the feel of a heavier piece in your hands and if the maintenance is bearable given your preference and lifestyle. I would say give the Lodge cast iron cookware a try simply because the price is low enough to justify a buy for a healthier option and it will last a lifetime that you have little to lose.
This is an unusually nice lot of 30s and 40s kitchen glass, some with the hard to find embossed patterns.

Unless you are willing to pay a high price for a cookware set (think All Clad), you will need to settle for Chinese made pots and pans.
The heat retention is also better than other types of cookware that you can use a lower heat setting which minimizes the risk of having burnt food. For example, the Simply Calphalon Nonstick 10-Piece set weighs only 19 pounds for shipping and it is double the number of pieces of this Lodge bundle. And once it shows signs of rusting, you will need to use some elbow grease to give a a good scrub and re-season immediately. And if you don’t like the dull dark shade of these pieces, the porcelain enameled Lodge Color Dutch Oven is a nice change with its more vibrant colors. If you are serious about wanting to go back to basics, a good old iron cast pots and pans set is definitely worth the small investment. Basically, this thin film of oil is baked on to the pieces using high temperature to create a natural coating that is slick to easily release food from the cooking surface. This should give you an idea of how much heavier the Lodge pieces are compared to other types of cookware.

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