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Paneer tawa masala, as the name suggests is a gravy in which paneer is marinated in spices and shallow fried on a tawa and then added to a onion tomato based gravy.
After having concluded thati ve after all not been civil to my blog,i decided thati must do something about it.
ANything with paneer is our family favourite,paneer tawa masala looks marvellous and super tempting..
Paneer Butter Masala is one of the Delicious dish that grabs its special place in Party menus. If you think of making any gravy with paneer, first thing that comes to mind is Paneer butter masala as it is easy to cook and so yummy.

Some religious followers such as vaishnav, jain, some budhists and swaminarayan sect people consume food without onion and garlic. Toasted French bread topped with green, red and yellow bell peppers and broccoli with melted cheese for a great tasting veggie pizza.
The copying, redistribution, print, publication by you of any such matters or any part of the Site, except with a written permission, is strictly prohibited and will be reported to applicable local law agencies. I was going through my blog last night and i realised that the whole of April, i ve not posted a single decent recipe that s worth my name. And to celebrate that, i made paneer tawa masala, a recipe that i tagged 3 months back but got around to making it only today.
I always prefer to make paneer at home instead of buying from stores as it is fresh and preservative free. Basmati rice (long grain rice) is sauted with fruits, dry-fruits and enriched with saffron.

Make no mistake, onion and garlic do have medical benefits but for spiritual beliefs, some people avoid using it.
In addition to a vegetarian diet, followers do not consume onion and garlic because these substances induce the rajas and tamas gunas, which are known to lead to spiritual regress. I mean, it s easier to read about chopped onions but doing the very act is you know alil tearful and alil smelly.

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