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In one bowl, whisk the egg yolks with sugar using a hand mixer until it's thick and pale yellow. Using a coffee stirer or a small teaspoon, place a small amount of cranberry jam in the center of each pancake ball. Yum!TipsSifting dry ingredients helps get rid of nasty lumps of flour and aerates the mixture when liquid is added. Les modifications apportees par rapport au modele = j’ai pose des boutons pression et une fermeture eclair. Le tissu choisi : un coton avec de jolis nounours de chez TOTO et une flanelle legere avec des elephants de chez MT pour la doublure. Voici des oiseaux (non, non, ce ne sont pas des aliens) en jersey realises a partir du livre DOUDOUS TOUT DOUX d’ARANZI ARONZO. Elle est tres facile a realiser, et ne necessite pas de modifications par rapport aux explications donnees dans le livre, j’ai juste supprime le volant au bas de la robe. Elle est realisee en taille 4 ans pour une grande puce de 2 ans, avec un coupon de tissu TOTO.
Ca y est, j’ai enfin pris le temps de coller les stickers sur la partie superieure des murs de la chambre de la petite Louloutte et d’installer les rideaux ! Play Whip: This whip by Pin and Paper is made of flannel fabric, and is softer and more appropriate for pre-schoolers! Make Paper Lanterns: I updated the traditional paper lantern craft project with a double layer of pretty scrapbook paper.
And, sometimes crafts don’t work out, which is why I founded CraftFail as a place crafters could share their not-so-awesome projects. Note: it is best if stickers are different-looking enough to not be confusing to little ones.
Limit total number of cards to 8, or four sets (you adjust for your child’s skill and interest level). This is one of my favorite kid projects in the past year, and it’s by Marie at Make and Takes.

My mom asked me to bring a Pin the tail on the donkey game to my sister’s birthday party, so I made this in less than an hour. If it was really a halloween costume, I would dress the kid in a black shirt and pants (or yellow, or white, etc. Use same construction concept, but paint box and add assorted recycled materials to make it into a robot (or any other creature desired).
Here’s a fun idea for a summer activity: Bring your art supplies outside and paint rocks!
Use sidewalk chalk to completely cover rocks (instead of paint) – this is really pretty! It rains a lot in Oregon (until July 5th!), and I have to come up with rainy-day activities that expend little people’s energy without making me completely crazy.
Stuff one grocery bag with all the other bags (alternately, stuff a bag with recycled paper, newspaper, etc.). I made this hooded play cape for today’s Make Something Cool Everyday project – cost me a buck! The children in our family love pancakes, and this version fits the season quite well due to the addition of cranberry jam.
The one challenge is actually fitting the jam into the pancakes, and to make that possible, I cooked them in an aebelskiver pan. Brush a hot aebelskiver pan with oil using a silicone brush (there should be about ½ teaspoon oil or even a little more). Je l’ai realise grace au hors serie de QUILT COUNTRY consacre aux animaux rigolos de la creatrice LA SARDINE.
I made them each a special Indiana Jones cross-shoulder man bag (what would Indy call that?
I am posting them here, there, and everywhere, and sometimes it takes a month or more between when I make the project to when I can post about it.
You can get all the materials for this catchball game at the dollar store, too, which is awesome.

I used a skinny scarf from the dollar store (left over from my son’s birthday party), but you can use fabric, ribbon, etc. Aebelskivers are round pancake balls that taste similar to crossbred doughnuts and popovers. Add ? of the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture and gently stir everything to soften the batter. When the pan is hot, pour 1-2 tablespoons of the batter (about ¾ to the top) and make the pancake balls in the pan. I don’t know), and I found a couple other cool Indiana Jones Crafts around the internet to share with you. I made them from party hats and used leftover broken jewelry and ribbon scraps from my stash. It works more like tether ball than a punching bag, and if you have more than one child, they can play with it together. I usually use this pan for a Vietnamese dish called bánh kh?t, which is a savory Vietnamese-style rice flour pancake. Pour in the rest of the egg whites and gently fold them into the egg yolks to get an airy batter.
Instructions for how to make an Indiana Jones bag are at my other site, Dollar Store Crafts. If you prefer, you could fill them with candied yams, though I think there wouldn’t be as much textural contrast.

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