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28.06.2015 admin
I'm looking at Reaper version 2.3rc0, where right clicking on the Pan fader opens a dialogue box enabling the user to over-ride the default pan law for the track. Couldn't it be that when the track record mode is selected that the pan law defaults to 0dB(or user choice) for stereo tracks and -3dB(or user choice) for mono tracks?
I know if I used template tracks more this would be less of an issue but I have never been big on templates. As I create new tracks I allways have to remember to set the pan law for my stereo tracks because I start with mono tracks in recording and have my default set to -3.

So, with the new compensated pan law facility we now have, what's the 'set-it-and-forget-it' value a non-technoid like me should use?
Is this first what and how pan laws play into the whole mix and what you mean by compensated pan laws?
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