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Fine dining can seem a world away for many students, whose meagre loans barely seem to cover the costs of everyday eating, let alone dining out in lavish restaurants.
And yet the years spent at university, in a new town, city or country, present a prime opportunity for culinary exploration. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks which will help the discerning student foodie to enjoy great meals out without breaking the bank.
Avoiding weekends and evenings can make affordable those restaurants which might initially seem way out of student budget.
Set menus also appeal to those with a limited budget, particularly if lunchtime or weekday dining is not an option. When ordering food, it can be worth opting for vegetarian and vegan options, as they are often less expensive than their meaty equivalents.
With an array of new eateries to choose from, the overall experience of a new place can only be enhanced by discovering what local food is on offer. A student loan can be stretched further by eating at certain times of day and by choosing wisely from particular menus. It is also best to avoid alcoholic drinks when dining out, as a bottle of wine can double your overall bill.
How better to immerse yourself in a seaside town than to sample locally caught fish, or to settle in the countryside by tasting the region’s fresh produce?

Sunday lunch set menus are also worth checking out, as they are often cheaper than dinner menus and make a homely treat for the weekend. The Good Food Guide provides pricing information for each of its featured restaurants, and includes a budget symbol beneath each restaurant that on average charges £30 or less for a three course meal.
With a little investigating, students and savers alike can enjoy great food in some of the country’s top restaurants.
He hasn't beaten Kohlschreiber since 2003.Mathieu last won a tournament in Gstaad, Switzerland, in 2007. And then, in the third set, they trailed 1-4, before scoring five games in succession.Around the indoor hard court, and on in it, too, nerves were fizzing like a bottle of dropped Irn-Bru. Making the most of free periods during the day can allow you to enjoy great food without overspending. Choice is more limited, but the set menu allows those with light purses to delight in meals far superior to the average student union café.
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