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You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. I was down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, earlier this week to report on a house for the November issue of Dwell.
The Shaw Center for the Arts might be the most eye-catching modern building in town, and as such it houses part of LSU Museum of Art, a theater, and the aforementioned Tsunami, where I had alligator sushi.
Just opposite the Shaw Center is the Old State Capitol, a truly odd design that suggested something out of 1001 Nights as opposed to Southern politics.
The new State Capitol came about when famed Louisiana governor Huey Long decided he wanted the tallest state capitol in the nation. All told it was a fine tour, and as a Sacramentan, one familiar with the sneers and jeers directed at our nation's second-city state capitols, I'll confess to having something of a soft spot for old Baton Rouge.
After numerous iterations, and nearly 200 years, an Ontario home finally lands on the right kitchen. We spotlight a multifamily home in Vancouver’s Strathcona district by Shape Architecture in our upcoming May issue, but in the meantime take a tour with the firm's favorite spots in Vancouver. When it comes to lighting design, the vital role that technology plays can sometimes be forgotten.
A new book by Mimi Zeiger, Tiny Houses in the City, tracks more then 30 homes exemplifying compact living in dense, urban areas across the world—here are some of our favorites.

Combining clean lines with traditional craftsmanship, this pair creates a demand for South African design. The legendary architect built a visionary body of work and changed the way we see architecture.
For our second annual Your Rooms We Love special issue, which goes on newsstands this July, hundreds of readers from around the world submitted their houses for consideration.
A Manhattan loft brings in a lot of natural light and indulges in an array of wood details, from furniture to flooring. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week. When your house includes an industrial design studio, architecture office, and metalwork shop, what more do you need? For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
Mark Twain called it a "sham castle." James Louis Dakin's Gothic design, and the $20,000 worth of riverfront land Baton Rouge gave the state of Louisiana in 1847 managed to steal the capitol away from New Orleans. The art deco design by Weiss, Dreyfous and Seiferth, yet another nod to the Kingfish's massive ego.
Luckily, a number of designers have made it their goal to be at the forefront of the industry and to incorporate updates that enhance both form and function.

We’re particularly fond of the Australian studio’s kitchens and bathrooms, in which stretches of gray marble, white-and-black paneling, and metal fixtures create a streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired look. In anticipation, we've rounded up a few finalists to give you a sneak peek at the issue, which is jam-packed with amazing user-generated content. A handful of New Orleanian friends had alerted me to the fact that Baton Rouge is less than appealing, a notion repeated again and again on the HBO show Treme, but I found the place had some charm. Ironically, Long was assassinated in the building in 1935 when he was serving as one of Louisiana's senators. Beginning in the late 1960s and continuing to this day, Robert Sonneman has consistently explored ways of innovating and perfecting his designs, leading to a selection of iconic silhouettes that have been carefully tweaked to make them more efficient than ever. Nestled right between the Mississippi and downtown it was certainly bustling when I visited on a Friday night.

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