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At exactly 12:00, step forward with your right foot to start the year off with…YOUR RIGHT FOOT! Make a doll (more like an effigy) to burn to signify the burning away of the old year and the welcoming of the new one. At 12 am on New Years day you grab 12 pennies and then go outside your house and you throw the pennies behind you while you face the opposite of the street. Eat Oliebollen, which are like big oily balls of dough, deep fat fried and covered in icing sugar. Open all the doors, cabinets and windows and then run around shutting them after it hit midnight. Fill pots and pans with water and throw the water out the front door once the clock strikes midnight. Write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, throw it into a champagne glass, and drink it before 12:01. Immediately after the bells, the first-footing begins, which means being the first person across a friend’s or neighbor’s threshold. The first-foot usually brings several gifts, including perhaps a coin, bread, salt, coal, or a whisky, which respectively represent financial prosperity, food, flavor, warmth, and good cheer. For Months, A Family Saved These Wooden Pallets, And They Used Them To Build Something Incredible.
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Most of the locals wear white because that color represents peace, but some people match their white outfit with red underwear to attract love.

Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is quite common since it is practiced in several countries, but the Spanish people have a unique way of eating grapes.
The Peruvians usually wear yellow, red, or green underwear based on what they are wishing for. If you are not a big fan of lentils, then you may be forced to have a spoonful of the legumes on New Year’s Eve when you visit Chile. This may sound gross, but some people claim that this Russian ritual is fun so why not give it a try? Plate smashing is a typical Greek tradition, but the Danes also do this during New Year’s Eve.
No matter how you celebrate New Year’s Eve, there’s one thing that you should try to remember – and that is to be thankful for all the blessings you’ve received in 2015.
What ever figure it has made in the morning, that’s what your fortune will bring next year. People from all over the world can’t wait to celebrate New Year’s Eve and there are traditions that the locals do in each country to bring them good luck in the coming year – from banging pots at midnight to wearing white. According to Marcio, who has lived in Barcelona for seven years, people eat 12 grapes at midnight (one grape per chime of the bell). The locals believe that eating that on midnight will give them work and money all throughout the year.
Most people open all their lights and doors including cupboards and cabinets to welcome the positive energy that the New Year will bring.
They leave the egg on the window sill and check it the next day to see if they will have a better future.

According to our Digital Marketing Assistant, Giannina Pacheco, who was born and raised in Peru, you can find people selling yellow undies at the markets.
Another annual ritual is sweeping the house inside out because this will sweep away the bad energy in the house. At the strike of 12, kids are usually asked to jump so that they will get taller when they grow up. VroomVroomVroom has listed some weird traditions that people do on New Year’s Eve; and some of my fellow Vroomsters shared their rituals as well.
Most people wear white, which represents peace and harmony,” PHP Project Manager Marcio Nunes said. She also runs around the block with an empty suitcase hoping to get more travel opportunities in the coming year.
I was guilty of doing that, but look at me now – 5 feet and 8 inches so no harm in letting my son try it as well. The house with the largest pile of broken dishes are considered lucky because it means they have many loyal friends. We also wear something red since that signifies prosperity and some wear polka dots because the round shapes symbolizes money. Most of the locals also prepare rounded fruits and candies on the dinner table to attract good fortune.

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