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Chicago Metallic has built an unmatched reputation as the "Bakeware Experts" by delivering commercial quality, high performance products employing premium materials and construction. Recipe Right® is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance, baking experts prefer for perfectly-browned baked goods.
I got a little curious about how much this batch of chili weighs so I sat down and figured it out. Chicago Metallic is proud to introduce Commercial II, a top of the line assortment of bakeware. I don't make just a little pot of chili and to be honest if I had bigger pots I would make more than I do!
Now you would think this would last a person a long time, maybe through the winter, but not at my house. Offering both traditional uncoated and dual coated, diamond-quality non-stick bakware, the Commercial II line provides the strength and durability to craft delectable results day after day.

The entire line is made of heavy-weight aluminized steel for superior heat conduction and even baking results.
Anytime Alicia knows I make chili she comes over, heck she has even just shown up when I was making it and I ask her "how did you know I was making chili" and she laughed and said "I could smell it!". After getting the loaf pans filled with the chili and wrapped with plastic wrap I put the pans on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer. I like to use cookie sheets so that I can stack the pans and not have to worry about them falling over and such. Each Chicago Metallic Commercial II non-stick piece features a dual coated, diamond quality, non-stick coating for easy release of food and easy cleanup. This collection is dishwasher safe, however hand-washing is recommended to extend the product life. Once it is frozen I drop the pan in some hot water to loosen up the chili out of the pans and then pop the frozen blocks in freezer bags.

I try to make up meals ahead of time when I can since I homeschool and work from home and life gets very hectic.
I use to vacuum seal the bags so they would stay fresher longer but the kids generally eat it fast enough that I don't have to worry about freezer burn.
They are strong and durable, and offer long-lasting construction with folded corners to prevent warping.

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