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Well Self Trading have available a great item of microwave cookware, 6000 units of Steel non – stick Grill pans suitable for use in the microwave. Just think of the culinary delights that you could produce with the aid of this microwave grill pan, from salmon fish cakes to tasty crispy bacon sandwiches! These microwavable cookware grill pans have some great features, which we just have to share with you, no more soggy bases and crusts, they are ideal for Pizzas, it sears and crisps your food and is ideal for any late night munchies! There is in total 6000 units available with a RRP of ?14.99, each grill pan also comes with a handy microwave oven recipe book, total quantity is on 11 Pallets.
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Then why not contact a member of the Self Trading Team and see if we can turn your problem into a solution! They always come out looking more like scrambled eggs than anything else, so I knew I was going to have to do something to compensate for this as my daughter loves eating omelettes every now and again. After this time you are to use a fork and remove any solid mixture from the edges of the compartment and cook again for thirty seconds before repeating the process until the egg has almost set and cooked.Next it is time to add your filling, which in or house is usually cheese, before closing the compartments over and cooking for a further minute to cook your filling off.
This isn't suitable for my daughter as it would be too much for her as well as too many eggs in one go, so I have to settle for a slightly messy end product.

I would recommend taking care when opening the maker at the end of the cooking process as quite a lot if steam does gather inside.The plastic compartments are very easy to clean in your normal washing up process.
Nothing tends to get stuck so its really just cleaning the fatty substance of butter and cheese if you have used it. I find the maker very easy to use and it's such a simple concept but means that I don't end up burning the bottom of my pan from trying to flip an omelette without success.As it doesn't come out of the omelette maker looking perfect then I wouldn't use this if I was giving to guests, but for a quick and easy lunch with minimal fuss and after care then this is a great buy.

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