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Cooking takes up an average of 30 minutes to 45 minutes of energy consumption in a household per day. While microwaving food make sure that you have first defrosted food in the refrigerator before cooking. Remember to switch off the microwave and unplug from wall socket too so that it does not use up energy for running the clock. Use just the right amount of water you would want to heat and heat it in the kettle rather than an open saucepan. Cook double the portion of your meal and refrigerate one portion to be heated and eaten later.
Cook a larger portion in the oven so that you use up a larger capacity of the oven and freeze the unused portion.
Turn off the oven ten minutes earlier than the cooking time required and do not open the oven for that time period, The heat inside the oven will be maintained and energy used reduced. Cooking has always been an inseparable part of our lives and overtime it has developed into an art and science. Cooking vegetables helps to soften their tough exteriors and let loose the nutritional stuff that lies inside. Dry Heat Cooking: Dry heat cooking techniques like grilling, sauteing, stir fry are yet another ways that help retain nutrients in veggies. Stir frying: Here, the veggies are to be cut into small pieces so that they do not take much time to cook. There are a few moist heating methods like boiling, steaming and blanching, which are commonly used for cooking vegetables. You can use different techniques to cook different vegetables, so that you get the best nutrition from your daily diet. Microwaves are not just for re-heating food items but they can also help you cook and clean.
If your brown sugar form lumps then place a damp paper towel into the the sugar and microwave it for 20-30 seconds.
Fill an already known microwave safe mug with water, place it in the container to be tested and heat it for 1 minute. Use paper towel around sandwiches, rolls or other baked goods to maintain moisture otherwise they can become soggy. Place beans in a microwave safe bowl with a pinch of bicarbonate soda and submerge in water.
Place the whole nuts in a bowl and heat them with 15 seconds burst until they have the specific aroma.
Microwave ovens can play an important role at mealtime, but special care must be taken when cooking or reheating meat, poultry, fish, and eggs to make sure they are prepared safely.
Stir or rotate food midway through the microwaving time to eliminate cold spots where harmful bacteria can survive, and for more even cooking.

When partially cooking food in the microwave oven to finish cooking on the grill or in a conventional oven, it is important to transfer the microwaved food to the other heat source immediately. Use a food thermometer or the oven’s temperature probe to verify the food has reached a safe temperature. Cook meat, poultry, egg casseroles, and fish immediately after defrosting in the microwave oven because some areas of the frozen food may begin to cook during the defrosting time. Cover foods with a lid or a microwave-safe plastic wrap to hold in moisture and provide safe, even heating. Heat ready-to-eat foods such as hot dogs, luncheon meats, fully cooked ham, and leftovers until steaming hot. Plastic storage containers such as margarine tubs, take-out containers, whipped topping bowls, and other one-time use containers should not be used in microwave ovens. Microwave plastic wraps, wax paper, cooking bags, parchment paper, and white microwave-safe paper towels should be safe to use. Never use thin plastic storage bags, brown paper or plastic grocery bags, newspapers, or aluminum foil in the microwave oven. Cooking in microwave is real fun as its takes less time, less oil and offers you real yummy and healthy food. Never use an Aluminium or metal covered material in your microwave as there is a chance of a generation of sparks. Microwave cooking generally evaporates minimal moisture, so try reducing the required water content by ?. For even cooking arrange the dish in such way that the thicker part is on the outside and the thinner portion inside, and for even distribution of heat use a cone in the centre. While you place the dish leave some gap or if you are using plastic wrap make holes on it so as to make room for the steam to escape.
Since you cook different items in the microwave, you need to set the time according to the type of food being cooked.
The energy that you expend while cooking can be reduced by more than half if you adopt methods to cook on energy efficient appliances or by adopting methods that reduce either cooking time or energy consumption. This is so because spilt food inside the oven will absorb as much energy as the food which is cooking.
While using a gas range or gas oven keep these tips in mind and reduce your energy consumption further. This uses three times less energy than you would be using if you were cooking the food uncovered. Experts’ state that cooking vegetables in microwave is one of the best ways since it helps retain nutrients, flavour and colour. All you need to do is, heat the pan on a high temperature and use some olive oil to saute the veggies. However, the only disadvantage of using these methods is that the vitamins and minerals are lost when excess water is drained.

Place about 1 cup on a paper towel, microwave it for 3-4 minutes and then crumple in the paper towel. Microwave ovens can cook unevenly and leave "cold spots," where harmful bacteria can survive. Cover the dish with a lid or plastic wrap; loosen or vent the lid or wrap to let steam escape.
Place the thermometer in the thickest area of the meat or poultry—not near fat or bone—and in the innermost part of the thigh of whole poultry. Do not use foam trays and plastic wraps because they are not heat stable at high temperatures. These containers can warp or melt, possibly causing harmful chemicals to migrate into the food. Therefore, reduce cooking time by one fourth and gradually increase to obtain the needed result. The class is designed to teach dorm residents the flexibility of microwave cooking so they're not bound to the dining facility. A microwave oven uses 3 units of energy for every seven units of energy used by gas oven and sixteen units of energy an electric oven uses.
Food can be cooked without much oil (lower fat content) and water (no nutrition loss due to removal of excess water).
For this reason, it is important to use the following safe microwaving tips to prevent foodborne illness.
The moist heat that is created will help destroy harmful bacteria and ensure uniform cooking. If you are a vegetarian and don’t have meaty sources for nutrient intake, it is important for you to consume a variety of vegetables everyday. Here are some of the best ways to cook, to ensure that there is good taste with no nutrition loss. Also, since it takes very less time to cook in a microwave, you get the best nutritive value. And while we do love being associated with superheroes, we are more the geeky horn-rimmed glasses wearing friend you go to for tips, tricks and quick solutions. While eating them raw is an excellent way to get all the nutrients they have to offer, it is nearly impossible to eat crudites. Always allow standing time, which completes the cooking, before checking the internal temperature with a food thermometer.

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