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The New York City native recently became the first champion of MasterChef Junior, an intense cooking competition for rising-star chefs ages 8 to 13. On the show, Weiss got to work with all kinds of fancy gear to impress Ramsay and his co-judges Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianch, so we asked him for some culinary holiday gift suggestions. Of course, this is a list I threw together quickly, and I’ve probably missed some crucial items.  Please feel free to list your own must-have skills in the comments below, or critique my selection!
If you’re lucky, you may inherit a set of cast iron from someone in your family, which has been lovingly seasoned and cooked on for generations.  This is the BEST way to get cast iron! For kidsa€™ (and adultsa€™) art workshops that are more a€?funa€™ than a€?finea€™, explore the fantastic selection at Studio Why Not, where imagination is king! When everyonea€™s retreating to different corners of the house or Mum and Dad are exhausted from keeping up with the kidsa€™ schedules, spending some time at Serangoon Gardens Country Club is like going on a family holiday without the need for a suitcase. If you want to get started early with some fun and educational classes for your baby to help hit those developmental milestones, or you could simply benefit from a change of scenery together, Singapore has a huge range of baby classes to try out. Take the kids along to Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts for fun theatre shows and workshops with a big dose of CNY culture, language, and art immersion. If you are looking for activities to keep the whole family entertained around the Chinese New YearA period, Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts has just the thing with fantastic theatre performances and workshops that will put smiles on dials while also sneaking in some cultural education (we wona€™t tell the kids if you dona€™t). Find out why so many families love Tanderra with a special offer on a trial membership, and enter the draw to win a package of four classes at the club! Ita€™s no secret that we love Tanderra: with its luxe colonial vibe, lush setting in Loewen by DempseyA and amazing offering for families, this club is one of Singaporea€™s most gorgeous places to hang out with the brood.
Learning a different language is a fantastic life skill for children to pick up in their early years. It spins so it helps you layer and frost easily without having to struggle to move a pedestal or plate.

Wea€™re big fans of responding with a€?why not?a€? when someone asks a€?but whyyyyy?a€?, so Studio Why Not feels just like home for us. Intense bonding seshes aside, the holidays may also mean long spells of boredom for the smalls. The younger, the better, so if learning a major European one is your childa€™s calling, keep reading for our scoop on the citya€™s best, fun-packed, immersive lessons in French, Spanish, German or Italian. Whether youa€™ve recently relocated from Europe and want your child to embrace your native tongue, or youa€™re simply raising a bilingual whiz whoa€™s set to be a global citizen, look up these European language classes in Singapore for French, Spanish, German or Italian lessons. Or desperately in need of a holiday but right now, organising one feels too hard so you might just hide under the couch? No matter how much you love being elbow-deep in playdough, or watching back-to-back cartoon reruns, remember the trick to staying sane this term-break: plan ahead. Whether youa€™re a strong advocate of classes for babies or you think that just means the bit where you learned how to change a nappy, as a mum of a young baby you can probably relate to this scenario: you and your little person have read all your favourite books together. And ita€™s not just for kids: these festivities are perfect for grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, and the next-door neighbour to join.
While language learning may sometimes be difficult for adults, ita€™s an enormously rewarding adventure for young children.
I’d like to know what YOUR top 10 (or even 20) skill essentials are in order to be an efficient and respected cook in the kitchen. Choose from a wide variety of pots, pans, pressure cookers to blenders to knives of all shapes and sizes and everything else your kitchen needs. The creative arm of The Open Centre, this is a place where children are encouraged to a€?be true, be curious, be sillya€?, which pretty much sums up a daya€™s work here at HoneyKids HQ. Bonus: These classes are packed full of games, songs and activities, and spell wicked fun for the kiddos.

To keep the little ones entertained (and you from tearing out your hair), wea€™ve sourced the best kid-tertaining March and Easter holiday camps in Singapore with something for everyone. Whether youa€™re a local or a Singapore newbie, youa€™re sure to walk away with a fresh appreciation of Chinese culture, perhaps a thirst to learn more, and at the very least, memories of a great day out! But if the thought of settling your child into yet another new environment (and fitting it into your schedule) is a little daunting, herea€™s the great news a€“ thanks to VivaLing, your child can now effectively learn a foreign language in an interactive, virtual classroom. At Elite supermarket you will find quality products being sold at affordable prices with a guaranteed customer satisfaction.
At Why Not, the philosophy is that a€?the sky doesna€™t have to be blue and the grass doesna€™t have to be green.
With an excellent range of facilities, workshops, activities and more catering for all ages, this club will restore the familya€™s balance in no time. Youa€™ve been to your weekly mumsa€™ group, and youa€™ve worked your way through the toy box from top to bottom and back again. The school has recently launched a new program for students in Primary One to Primary Three a€“ a key age for young learners to pick up foundational bilingual skills. The Earth doesna€™t have to be round and art doesna€™t have to be themed.a€? While technique and theory are important, these play second fiddle to the expression of imagination, exploration, and inspiration. Yet the baby is still demanding a€“ ever so endearingly a€“ to be entertained, and youa€™d quite happily hand him or her over to the next friendly stranger in the street who starts playing peekaboo, just to mix things up a bit. Wea€™ve done all the hard work for you here, with a huge range of baby classes in Singapore, from music to yoga and everything in between.

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