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As far back as the late 19th century, foundries like Griswold and Wagner were casting cookware not only out of iron, but from aluminum as well. Cooking in heavy aluminum was also promoted as being "waterless", meaning the adding of cooking liquid was unnecessary, as the cookware's lids sealed to prevent the loss of moisture from the food. The aluminum pieces typically share the same markings and design that make their cast iron counterparts attractive to collectors.
In addition to pots and pans, vintage aluminum utensils such as tea kettles, pitchers, platters, ladles, scoops, and other kitchen gadgetry also enjoy collectible status. If you've found some old cast aluminum ware with staining and oxidation in need of rehabilitation, take a look at Aluminum Restoration. Wagner began producing cast iron ware in 1891, and followed with cast aluminum ware in 1894. Another higly-regarded cast aluminum line was that of Guardian Service Ware, made by Century Metalcraft Corp, and instantly recognizable by its hammered finish and distinctively-shaped handles. Other brands you may see include Super Maid, Cast-Rite, Super Health(Canadian), Master Maid, Miller Maid, Reliance, Club Hammercraft, and Miracle Maid (Advance Aluminum Castings, Chicago, IL). Birmingham Stove & Range designed the first divided cornbread skillet, incribing "PATENT PENDING" to discourage copying, although no patent seems to have been awarded. Magnalite cookware is a high quality cookware that requires proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure it keeps its durable finish.
Hold the Magnalite cookware under warm running water to loosen any debris that may be on it. Soak the pot or pan in warm soapy water for a while if there is still excessive food debris stuck to the bottom of your cookware. Place 2 teaspoons of regular unscented bleach into 2 gallons of warm water and soak your Magnalite cookware in this solution for 1 minute.

Wash your Magnalite cookware after each use, and sanitize it with a bleach mixture once a week. Do not use scrub pads or any other harsh objects to scratch the surface of your Magnalite cookware.
Magnalite cookware is known for its durability and the high quality materials used in its manufacturing.
Cleaning Magnalite cookware has to be done by hand because it cannot be put in the dishwasher. Please check file and directory permissions and .htaccess configuration if you are able to do this. Lot of three vintage WagnerWare pots or saucepans with lids, one each in 1 quart (numbered 4681), 2 quart (numbered 4682), and 3 quart (numbered 4683) sizes.All have been used, but are in good solid shape with perfect handles, you'll use this nice old quality cookware for years! Being able to use a lower cooking temperature was also advertised, although it may have had more to do with the aluminum's propensity to warp under high heat. In many cases, the same patterns with only minor cosmetic modifications were used for aluminum ware as were used for cast iron. Technically speaking, it is cast from a "proprietary alloy", the name "Magnalite" likely referring to the combination of magnesium and aluminum.
At some point, the Mission style metal loop and "old maple" handles were replaced by knobs and handles made of heat-resistant Bakelite resin, and the cast aluminum trivets by perforated stamped aluminum. These unique pots and pans are a mix aluminum and magnesium alloy, and require special treatment to keep them looking their best.
You should never use a scratch pad or other harsh object on your Magnalite cookware as that could damage the surface coating.
If you allow the dish soap to dry on the pot or pan, it could damage the material of the cookware.

We have two larger Wagner Ware dutch ovens we use constantly, and they are our favorite of all pans.
Due to its excellent heat conductivity, however, aluminum skillets and saucepans are normally seen made with wooden handles, a less often-seen feature on cast iron.
Magnalite evolved from Wagner Ware-branded aluminum ware, which originally was cast from patterns nearly identical to its cast iron ware. A more plainly-styled "Country Collection" design with cherry wood handles and knobs was also produced under GHC ownership in the 1980s. Griswold would go on to introduce its own more stylish Aristocraft Ware line in the 1940s, and its Symbol Ware sets in the 1960s. Harsh chemicals, scratch pads and machine washing should never be used with Magnalite cookware. Since you are not allowed to place your Magnalite cookware into the dishwasher, this is a safe way to sanitize your cookware. With the inception of the Magnalite brand in 1934, the cookware line added a more stylized design, including domed lids and mission-style handles. Your cookware should be cleaned thoroughly after each use, and should be sanitized at least once per week.
It has been written that Wagner Ware's enormous success with Magnalite provided the wherewithal for its parent company to purchase the Wagner brand's largest competitor, Griswold, in 1957.

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