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04.03.2014 admin
So tonight, they have this set of 4 pans--inclding the covered saute I wanted--and lids for a flash price of $49.61. The saute pan in the set is on sale on it's own for $24, and the sautuese is on sale for $35.
Perhaps someone can tell me why someone who uses coffee mugs most of the time has the whole cabinet above the coffee maker filled with cups and saucers?

My prime pan storage place is full of cake pans and racks and my pots and pans were on the stove. So far, I made a big batch of chili in the 5 qt sauteuse pan, and Daniel Green's lemon chicken in the saute pan. They're pretty, don't rock on the stovetop, can go into the oven, and since it's fun to have new pans, I'm enjoying cooking more than usual.

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