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The day my Dutch oven arrived, I was so excited and eager to get cooking but I had to “season” my Dutch oven first.
I had just recently built a new fire pit in the backyard and the plan was to cook in the fire pit just as on the show I had watched.
Guys are notorious for just standing around watching this cook, that’s way we love to barbecue, looks difficult and you have to stand around and watch.
Undaunted, I continued with cooking my Mixed Berry Crisp until the first “whiffs” of cinnamon started to float out of the Dutch oven and I can say without hesitation, I was hooked on Dutch oven cooking from that second forward. I have learned a ton of stuff over the years about cooking outdoors, met many new friends and have found a wealth of information in many locations.
A “Camp” Dutch oven is the most familiar one, recognized by its three legs and rim around the lid. A “Pack” Dutch oven, used for rafting and horse packing trips is made of aluminum, they are very lightweight and easy to transport. Dutch oven sizes can vary from a 5” model to a 25” behemoth that can weigh in over a hundred pounds when filled with food. My recommendation is to choose a 10” or a 12” Dutch oven; no need to get a deep version yet. Gary is also the host of a new DVD, Taking Your Dutch Oven To The Max, using the dutch oven to smoke, grill, and even make ice cream. Listen to Gary on this episode of GardenFork Radio talk about how to season cast iron, how to use a dutch oven, and dutch oven recipes. The Monster Fanny Pack New for '09, Arguably the most popular fanny pack ever designed, this pack has also gone under the knife for 2009.

If you are anything like us, we already carry enough extra weight around the belt area and have never seen a compelling reason to enhance the problem.
That is why we go to great lengths to utilize only the strongest, lightest, and most technological advanced materials in the world. I remember it quite well as I was sick in bed flipping channels on TV and up pops this show about cooking outdoors and they were using a Dutch oven! Therefore, a day later, I was able to start cooking and it could only be a Mixed Berry Crisp for me. Well, now you can get a visual of me “watching” my Dutch oven cook in the misty weather outside.
The most important lesson I have learned during all of this, is to share what you love, often and willingly.
A basic “kitchen” Dutch oven, a “Camp” Dutch oven and “Pack” Dutch oven in their general terms. Characteristics are a rounded dome lid, porcelain coated (some) and are also available in oval shapes.
Here are the sizes available: 5”, 8”, 10”, 12” – Standard, 12” – Deep, 14” – Standard, 14” – Deep, 16” – Standard, 16” – Deep, 25” and more for custom Dutch ovens.
Even as sick as I was at the time, I knew this was something I had to try, something new and exciting for the family and I. Of course, the day had to be a miserable one to initiate my new Dutch oven; cold, misty, windy as it was, I started cooking!
Overlooking our backyard is this big bay window; gives you a great view of the yard from inside the house.

Dutch oven cooking is easier that you think and I would like to get you started with your new adventure!
All are cast iron and designed for in house cooking but do not hesitate to place one on your grill outside.
Note that “Camp” Dutch oven, are measured by diameter as opposed to “Kitchen” Dutch ovens that measure in quarts. They are great for holding stews and larger portions of meats that need more height clearance. Stick with brand names such as Camp Chef and Lodge, their quality is the standard and your Dutch oven will last in your family for hundreds of years if your grandchildren do not sell it on Ebay first.
After lots of research, I finally decided to buy my first Dutch oven, a 12” camp Dutch oven seemed just about what I needed to start with. The family event turned out to be a “me” only event, well it was a bit cold and misty out after all. As I am cooking, I happened to look up from my strenuous task and there was the whole family watching me and laughing at me as I stood in the misty weather “cooking”.

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