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Pro-Logic Dutch ovens have rolled edges, recessed covers and looped handles for easier handling. Cast iron Dutch ovens impart an extraordinary hearty taste into your food, they heat evenly, and keep your food warm from the heat source to the table and throughout the meal. The other Dutch oven more commonly used in today's kitchens is also made of cast iron, but has a flat bottom with no legs, and a domed basting lid without an outer rim. The looped or side handles make it easier for you to lift your pot from inside the oven to the top of your stove or trivet. Camp Dutch ovens vary in size from 1 quarts to the largest, a 12 quart, 16 inch diameter camp Dutch oven. If you were not lucky enough to have inherited a cast iron pan, you can still buy it at affordable prices.
The enamel covering in cast iron cookware is glass, not paint, and it is applied by a special lamination process.  A good cast iron enamel pot or pan  will not chip or fade.
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Best Indoor Grill: Urbanites get the short end of the skewer when it comes to grilling options, but something is still better than nothing. Best Gas Grill at a Steal: The Charbroil Infrared outperforms grills costing six times as much. Best Ugly Grill: Its name is a bit ironic, considering you could cook Big Bird to a crisp inside it.

I built this thing when I was 20 at my house in New Hampshire: pulled a few hundred pounds of granite out of the ground to make room for a foundation, stacked some cinder blocks, fashioned a door using one of those Dremel tools, strapped a chimney on it. Best High-end Kamado Grill: Kamado grills are gaining popularity for good reason stateside, but Primo has been in the business since the beginning. Best Fully Automatic Grill: The Traeger grills, smokes, bakes, roasts and barbecues using virgin wood pellets (vice recycled wood potentially tainted with chemicals from paint or binders) automatically auger-fed into the burner to maintain your set temperature. Best Classic Backyard Grill: This 304 stainless steel propane mack daddy is a beautiful tool for the serious grillmaster. Best Grill for Bentley Owners: If your home is referred to as an “estate” and you drive a hand-made car, perhaps it’s time to have one these masterpieces from Kalamazoo, Michigan installed. What's New, NowToday in Gear: April 5, 2016A backpack that you can customize, a percolator that adapts to your needs, a tent that accommodates crowds and much more. Highlights from the ArchiveFor Your Viewing Pleasure: 1,400 Images of Mid-Century Modern California ArchitectureThe USC School of Architecture has digitized two collections of slides, shot by influential architects, that document California architecture in its prime. More: Remembering Zaha HadidEntry-Level Timepieces for Watch Nerds10 Great Watches Under $500For under $500, you can afford a chronograph, a GMT, a super-thin Bauhaus or a military style dive watch.
Free wireless controller with the purchase of set of two single element Bromic patio heaters. These ovens we sometimes call "Kitchen" Dutch ovens to differentiate them from those used over a fire or in the burning embers of a fireplace. Way before aluminum was even discovered our ancestors cooked in either cast iron or some kind of earthenware. To clean, it should be washed by hand in cold water only (no soap) using a metal scouring pad.  Because it rusts easily, it must be dried thoroughly before storing. It’s a nearly sacred summer activity, whether enjoyed in the backyard, at a tailgate, in the campsite or on your tiny urban front step. When it’s black it’s done.” This might explain the lack of repeat visitors, but maybe it was the limited tools he had to work with that contributed to his cynical approach to backyard grilling. The 120-Volt maximum restriction in North America makes it tough for the category to reach searing temperatures, but the Dimplex PowerChef line performs admirably as a tabletop electric grill thanks to a 1,630-Watt heating element placed in direct contact with the 216-square inch grilling surface (which is about as big as it gets with electrics). With their Performer Touch-N-Go gas ignition system, which lights charcoal with a push of a button, Weber adds the ease of gas to the flavor of charcoal. The grill heats up quickly, over 700 degrees with three 35,000 BTU stainless steel burners, and unlike most other grills, is almost completely immune to the bane of outdoor cooks everywhere, flare-ups. We have the Japanese to thank for the Kamado-style grill, of which the Big Green Egg is a perfect example: a ceramic charcoal oven perfect for grilling, smoking and even baking pizza oven. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but it was an awesome idea — and that’s a good litmus test for any project, any decision for that matter. Applewood was abundant, so I chipped it with a hatchet and bagged it in water, for smoking. It’s the only American-made ceramic grill in the world, and its 400 square inches of grilling space is down right luxurious compared to competing offerings, not to mention perfect for rib fans. And if you splurge for the extra cooking grates and matching cart, expect to pay closer to $2,000. An auto-start features initiates the pellet burn, leaving you to just add your food once the grill reaches the selected temperature. Gear Patrol previously showcased the standalone version; now that you’ve decide to put down roots, the built-in upgrades your outdoor kitchen permanently. The 51-inch four-burner grill blasts out 100,000 BTU and cooks with any combination of charcoal, wood and gas, and switches between the modes easily.
The original Dutch oven introduced in America during colonial times was made of heavy cast iron, had three or four short legs, and a lid with a flang around its outer edge for holding burning coals. No wonder it comes with 101-year warranty against defects.  Read more about Le Creuset French Oven here. The small but stout 33-pound cast iron charcoal cooker has just enough room to handle four burgers or two nice sized steaks. That design, combined with its overall compact size, allows the unit to reach temps at a near-searing 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Platinum version comes with a 22.5-inch diameter grill and a convenient removable LCD cooking timer. The patented RED infrared cooking system allows smoking without a separate smoke box and rotisserie cooking with an add-on rotisserie. The Egg is popular because it cooks just about anything evenly and holds both high and low temps well. The real kicker, though, is its unique oval shape and divided firebox, which give more advanced grillmasters the option to create both direct and indirect grilling zones without the hassle of a diffuser plate — making grilling and smoking easy affairs. Considering its versatility, size and overall excellent build quality, though, it remains an easy recommendation. Grill at temperatures as low as 180 degrees, or as high as 600 — the convection fan ensures even heat distribution regardless. The 35-inch basket depth and a variable height charcoal basket allows precise temperature control and indirect grilling of the biggest cuts of meat. Top-quality construction extends throughout: the cast brass burners weigh 14 pounds each and could be used to fire a battleship. Kitchen Dutch ovens can be used outdoors, but their flat bottom is better suited for use on a kitchen stove top or oven. Programmable cooking options allow chefs to designate their cooking level and simply respond to beeping cues when it’s time to flip. The large ash catcher makes clean up easy, and the attached work table is the perfect size for cooking prep. 680 square inches of porcelain-coated cooking surface means you can grill a whole mess of meat at one time.
The extra-large model provides 452 square inches of cooking area; in tasty terms, that’s two twenty-pound turkeys, 24 burgers or 12 steaks. Reversible porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates that also split down the middle are an added boon for creating multiple temperature zones on the same fire. Those Traeger pellets come in eight flavors: alder, apple, cherry, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, and pecan. Of course, the smiling aproned guy manning it had to throw down some serious coin for that pleasure. Brisket for a battalion, a pig pickin’ for 30 — you’ll be the king of the neighborhood. This year Lodge introduced bail-less kitchen Dutch ovens in three sizes with looped side handles.
If you don’t happen to live in Texas, there are also large (the most popular model at 262 square inches) through mini (78.5 square inches) options. Finer touches include an infrared rotisserie system (whole chicken or leg of lamb, anyone?), a flip-up warming rack, and included cabinetry. Note: You MUST be signed up for our newsletter at the time the winner is chosen in order for this entry to count. But truth is, building that smoker gave me the confidence to get my first kitchen job during college outside Boston, which led to the next two in Mississippi, and if it’s not too much of a stretch I’d say that made me believe I’d always find some kind of work — and that attitude ultimately allowed me to quit my 9-5 for a more interesting life. These newfangled ‘cue restaurants in Brooklyn don’t hold a candle to the shit I was making in 2005.
I’d spend 12 hours mopping the Boston butt, keeping the temperature below 200 F, tinkering, pacing, making slaw. This article is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.
Her goal is to help people take one step at a time toward a happier, healthier, more natural life.

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