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A flame protection device, which cuts off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished. Bain Marie – Bain Marie base tank which is filled with water, and a full set of 100mm deep Bain Marie pans.
Spare burner - recommended for caterers to ensure cooling all year round, with the back up of spare parts during the busy Festive Season. Offer free sampleAppearance: Red and brown granule, made by the processing of island aluminum (calcium) structure silicate minerals.

Currently, there are red, brown and other colures by the manufacture of high-purity magnetic.
Usage: A newly developed three-dimensional wall spray paint and is the only material made wear-resistant materials of a glass - shell factory.
Because of its many internal chemical molecules, chemical stability and other characteristics, it has been making a new wear-resistant water treatment filter.
Applications: Garnet sand as a kind of polishing media, is widly used in polishing of glass screen, single crystal silicon, optical lens, rust sand blasting or water jet cutting. Garnet sand as a kind of sandblasting abrasive media, it is mainly used in remove rust, paint and corrosion, suitable for various of applications used on metal, brick, concrete and masonry.

Product Specification: 8 #, 10 #, 12 #, 14 #, 16 #, 20 #, 24 #, 30 #, 36 #, 46 #, 60 #, 80 #, 100 #, 120 #Specifications can be produced as needed.

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