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Le creuset classic enamel on steel 1.8 quart. whistling tea kettle,cooking stores houston jobs,restaurant cast iron cookware,cooking supply stores ottawa west - Downloads 2016

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The kettle's vibrant finish and glossy enamel glaze bring a versatile pop of color to your kitchen, adding a decorative accent even when not in use.
Although the kettle features steel construction for rapid and balanced heat distribution, the lid knob and ergonomic handle are designed to stay cool. This means your water heats quickly and efficiently while the kettle's exterior stays safe and functional.

Whether you want to enjoy cozy tea for two or accommodate a larger crowd, the teakettle can safely hold and heat up to 1.8 quarts of water. When your water is fully heated and ready to pour, the teakettle alerts you with a traditional whistling sound.

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