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Still have old battered and mismatched pots and pans from your just-graduated-college days?
Browse this great range of induction cookware which we've brought together from the best UK Furnishings shops for you to choose from. All product & company names are trade marks, service marks, or registered trade marks of their respective owners.

You might be surprised to find you actually dona€™t need too many a€” a few basic yet durable pots and pans will get you through most recipes.
The heat is generated by an electric induction coil which then heats the cookware but not the cooking surface.
Good-quality, well-designed tools with durable materials and a comfortable grip make for a better kitchen experience.

Ita€™s easy to get overwhelmed by endless options in the kitchen department, but here are some Houzz Shop must-haves to overhaul your kitchen, whether youa€™re a master chef or just learning to cook.

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