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The Dan River phase emerged in the upper Dan River drainage of the northern Piedmont at the same time as the Haw River phase of the central Piedmont. Early Dan River sites were very similar to those of the Haw River phase, with linear communities of houses and associated features strung out parallel to the river bank. Large storage pits contained a wide variety of plant and animal remains, while evidence of maize was recovered from almost every pit feature. One of the most striking features of the Dan River phase is the variety of ornaments and tools made from bone, shell, and clay. During the last half of the Dan River phase, settlement size and density increased dramatically. It seems likely that the rise of large fortified communities may be related to an increase of Iroquois raids from the north into the Eastern Siouan heartland. Transplanting a plant to a pot that is one size larger than the one it was growing in to encourage plant growth.
Once plants are in large pots, perhaps 25-30cm (10-12in) in diameter, continual potting on into a larger pot may not be practical.
The other way to tell is to look and decide if you think the plant looks top heavy and unbalanced or if the plant is tending to tip over due to top being heavier than the bottom. Permanent house plants generally will require transplanting once a year until they reach a mature size.
Ordinary clay or plastic pots lack visual appeal and most of us hide them in a more decorative cache-pot that is slightly bigger. All standard pots, from the smallest to the largest, are alike in that the depth equals the diameter at the rim. Most types of pot are available in sizes ranging from a diameter of about 3cm to a diameter of about 2cm step-ups throughout the range from 8-22cm. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The main material is natural plant fibre, such as bamboo powder, crop stalks, rice hull etc.2). A much larger population occupied the Dan River Valley during Late Woodland Times than the Eno and Haw River drainages.

Beans, sunflower seeds and maize clearly indicate the importance of agriculture after A.D. The left two vessels are Dan River Net Impressed and the right is Pee Dee Complicated Stamped.
Large storage and cooking jars with constricted necks and flaring rims continued to be made along with smaller bowls. They were applied to the vessel neck and shoulder and were created using fingertips, sticks, and sharp pointed instruments.
Awls, pins, needles, fishhooks, beamers, gouges, antler flakers, antler picks, and turtle carapace bowls and cups, as well as a variety of beads, represent some of the bone artifacts.
Many of these larger and more numerous settlements were located along the banks of the Smith and Mayo rivers in southern Virginia, as well as along the Dan River in North Carolina.
The transplanting of a mature plant from the outdoors to a large pot placed indoors, usually for decorative purposes or to protect the plant from a harsh climate during the winter. Gentle scrape and remove the top few centimeters (inches) of existing potting soil using a small hand fork. If you see roots growing out of the bottom drainage holes, you really need to do something right away. Outdoor plants grown from seed will need to be transplanting several times within the first few months until reaching maturity. But whatever type you choose, the pot size and proportion in relation to the plant contained will affect how they are perceived and the pot can make or mar a plant. Shallow containers work well for succulents, because they need to dry out between waterings. Given the same number and kinds of plants in the same location, and type of container, larger pots need less frequent watering than smaller pots. If you do this put gravel, expended clay granules or a few pebbles in the base to keep the bottom of the pot from contact with the surplus of water that collects in the base.
Can be naturally biodegraded into organic fertilizer in the field after they are discarded.3).
Decorations consisted of notches along the lip, incised or brushed lines around the neck, or sometimes fingernail pinches or punctations in the neck area.

Circular, stockaded villages from one to two acres in extent contained fifteen to twenty households with associated storage pits, hearths, and burials. Plants that require moist (well-drained) soil need a larger root ball to guard against drying out and reduce the need for constant watering.
If you plan to go on vacation later in the summer, then choose a big pot or a big, self-watering pot. Alternatively, pack the space between the inner and outer pots with peat (peat-moss) to absorb most of the moisture, at the same time helping to create a more humid micro-climate around the plant.
Finger pinches, stick incisions, and reed punctations were applied in bands around the shoulder area, while lips were commonly notched, incised, or punctated with reeds. Refill the pot with fresh potting soil (same type soil as used before) to the original level. If larger ones are visible out to the outside edges of the soil ball, you need to do something soon.
Conversely, if the pot is much too big for the plant or the number of plants, the soil will have a tendency to stay wet longer and root rot is more likely. And more importantly you should use care in watering your plant to avoid depositing water to the bottom of the decorative container. Late Dan River phase villages were located on wide alluvial terraces of the Dan River and its major tributaries. The topdressing plus regular feeding will allow most plants to be grown in the same pot for many years.
If the roots are so dense you can barely see any soil, you need to to do something right now. Larger, thicker pots or insulated pots will do a better job protecting overwintering roots.
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