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We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. Even thought it was an inexpensive treadmill I bought from Workout World I expected it to last longer than a year.
As a customer of workout world for years spending thousands of dollars on equipment we went back to workout world.
The treadmill is great but once you part with your money, don't expect great after sales service.
Yikes have just read the terrible reviews re Work Out Worlds customer service and felt I should have my say. In late October this year, we purchased a few thousand dollars worth of items from Workout World Nunawading including a cross trainer and various weight items & benches. When we went in, the salesman didn’t really take us seriously and wasn’t helpful at all when we asked about various features of their cross trainer range. After patiently waiting 3 days with no call, we called the store again only to be told again “expect a call within the next few days” This “expect a call business” went on for 2 weeks with no call from the delivery company.
After another week of nothing from Workout World, we called and asked to speak to a manager. About a week later after much questioning from the sales manager, we received a call on Sunday to advise us the delivery company were on their way with part of the goods. I see from various forms of Media that Workout World will continue to trade under its name but I would recommend people definitely not even consider purchasing equipment from this retailer as their customer service skills, fulfilment and company they use for delivery (communication wise) was completely unacceptable. We had a bit of a chat to the delivery guys who delivered the stuff and were told they pretty much had to supply their own trailer and car to do their job and were solely delivering the goods on behalf of Workout World's unfulfilled orders. Unfortunately, submitting a claim to Consumer Affairs proved futile so I would say best avoid dodgy companies like this altogether. I have purchased the treadmill from Workout World 2 months ago, since we have owned it we have had less back aches in comparison to my last treadmill, (with no suspension), this machine is soo comfertable to run on and has all the functionalities + more than what i Expected.. I talked over phone on Wednesday and the guy over phone told me the reebok spin bike would cost me 1100 with delivery and installation. Walked past WorkoutWorld at Nunawading on the 10-July and noticed that they had a Reebok eliptical (floorstock) on sale at a reasonable price.
I tried for just over 2 weeks to get a recumbent exercise bike delivered after paying for it in full. My partner placed an order of his goods then i received a phonecall they were instore i was told some of the gear would fit in my car even if it meant taking them out of the box so i organised to pick up what i could in the car and the rest would be picked up a different day. Finally after stuffing me around finally could pay for my goods but there was an item missing that hadnt been ordered! About 3 months ago, a piece on the treadmill broke so i went down to the local store to replace it as it was still under warranty. We very recently purchased a treadmill from the Taren Point Store and from the minute we walked into the store we were welcomed and had a sales rep give us all the help we needed. I was trusting of this brand as they had been represented by The Biggest Loser on Channel 10.
He said Workout World don’t issue refunds, but he’s happy to make an exception if this was the case we did change our minds and refund our deposit.
Though, it turned out the items were not in stock until late November, nevertheless my partner went down to the store to pay the balance in full and await a delivery call as promised.
It wasn’t until my partner got quite angry with them over the phone, he was put in touch with the regional manager who basically told him the company had been taken over by Super Retail Group (who own Rebel Sport, Super A Mart etc) and all the stock had been moved to a warehouse in Altona as part of the buyout process. We were told a refund was not possible as the company my partner had paid the money to, no longer existed.
Then about 2 weeks later we received our cross trainer however there was part of the order again, missing. They did a great job and we are really angry that a company are clearly exploiting such workers.

I called on Sunday to buy it, they said it does not exist and doesn't matter if I talked with someone or not !!
Then the guy from bankstown called and said they can make it, I said we getting from another outlet.
After taking time off work two days in a row for deliveries that did not happen, the bike finally arrived on the 3rd day I'd arranged delivery (7 hours after the appointed time) and was assembled in my home by men who could not find the instructions (which were in the box) and had never put one together before. The bike was taken away and I was promised by the manager at Workout World Camperdown that he would personally put the bike together in the store and deliver it for me out of hours. I made the trip only to be told by a different staff member once i got there that not one thing would fit in my car to put it lightly i was pissed off! You will never get my business ever again i left the store so irate due to incompetent unorganized staff! We had so many questions and he not once showed any sign of wishing we would just get on with it.
In addition, we were made to feel guilty when the manager explained that a lot of people had also lost their jobs in the takeover. On top of that they told us that the company expected them to work xmas day and new years day to meet the unfulfilled orders! Then he said he would sale it for 1200 without delivery and I asked if he can sale for 1200 with delivery , he said he will call again.
However, on second thought we considered its closer from home so my huby called them again, and that rude guy said they sold out all 12 units within 5 mins!!
Again the logistics company arranged delivery having put the bike together in the warehouse before arriving with it. Got it this morning after having to wait a week so that the delivery guys could be trained on how to use it so they could give instructions with installation. It turns out it was an American machine and the voltage is wrong - even though it has a transformer. Not one instruction given with delivery even though I paid a hell of a lot of money for delivery and instruction ($200). By this time we find out that Tarren points outlet can make it 1150 with delivery and installation. I did this and after a few minutes of working the elliptical attendant did not once look over to my direction and offer any assistance or ask how it felt. The local store where I bought it and the company - Workout World couldn't care - I will never shop there again.
Called store manager back to find out how to use it and she didn't know either - some training.
Even if I had a spare $10,000 I would not buy a top of the range treadmill from Workout World. RA Logistics said they had been told not to pick one up from the shop but to put it together in the warehouse. The dead bike stayed in my house and again I was promised that the shop would put one together and deliver it after testing. By this time I was sick of the lies and had learned that the two dead bikes that had been delivered to me were not the only ones and that Vision had moved its manufacturing from Taiwan to China and had gone from being a good brand to being rubbish. The only good thing in this entire exercise was that I had no difficulty getting my money back. Even the pickup of the second dead bike was botched though as RA Logistics sent one man to remove a 65kg exercise bike from my house.

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