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While early colanders were typically pottery or ceramic, then copper or brass by the late seventeenth century, today’s colanders are primarily plastic, silicone or stainless steel.
Unfussy and functional, this Alessi colander was born of designer Enzo Mari’s belief that simplicity alone should justify the introduction of a new object in our already crowded world. This colorful colander from Casabella is compact, lightweight, made of silicone, and dishwasher safe. Vebo from Dreamfarm is a vegetable cooker that washes, boils, steams and strains in one basket.
Designed by Winnif Pang, the Fred & Friends Cracked Up Colander drains water through all the little cracks artfully molded into its irregular surface. The Square Colander from Joseph Joseph features a single vertical handle that ensures it remains upright and stable if placed in a sink, and when handheld leaves one hand free for operating the tap. The Kizmos Get Happy collection is a whimsical new line of kitchen tools and gadgets designed to delight and surprise cooks of all ages with bright colors, cheerful faces and fun design. The Kuhn Rikon Collapsible Colander strains liquids quickly through its ample side and bottom holes. This mesh strainer from Le Creuset has a fine mesh for skimming and draining stock or sauces; it’s also useful for straining loose tea leaves.
Mastrad’s Silicone Colander has a 3-quart capacity designed to strain large quantities of vegetables and starchy foods. Used to make fine stuffings and to strain sauces, the Exoglass® Bouillon Strainer is made of heavy duty composite material designed for intensive use. Norpro’s 5-quart colander has brushed stainless steel on the outside and a smooth, mirror finish on the inside.
The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Colander’s perforated design allows for fast and thorough straining of orzo, angel hair pasta, fruit, vegetables and more. The Savora Colander has a striking, colored stainless steel body with a premium, baked-on finish.
The Swissmar Adjustable Pot Strainer safely attaches to rims of pots ranging from 6-inches to 9.5-inches in diameter.
This story was originally published in the January 2015 issue of Kitchenware News, a publication of Oser Communications Group.
We, Ningbo Green Mountain Plastic Co., Ltd, are a professional plastic products manufacturer mainly focucas on ice cube tray, kitchenware chopper, kitchenware salad spinner, kitchenware basket, pet products, bathroom accessiories. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. XO Project is basically an innovative and extraordinary kitchen set to ease everyone’s life in the kitchen. XO project involves 4 most-widely used kitchenware: squeezer, grater, strainer and storage boxes.
A fun and playful object is conceptualized and designed by understanding various possibilities that can be solved in the kitchen. Material and manufacturing technology also enhances the result of this concept, we can develop this bottle using co-injection molding with 2 different types of plastic, one being transparent and the other being rubberized #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene) being food grade safe plastic. The idea came to Sorina Rasteanu when she was on “no fizzy drinks diet”, after one year, suddenly she started to crave for a coke.
The industrial design theory behind the Peel range has been driven by HJC’s holistic design approach which integrates target user insights into the product design strategy. This Cordless Kettle is the second product released in 2012 as part of Kitchenware design for Peel. The lid comprising of a sleek rippled surface pivots open to help communicate where to fill with water. A product design and manufacture consultancy based in Yorkshre, UK, HJC Design has developed a new range of kitchenware for Peel UK. Satellite multifunctional grater is a kitchen product aiming to easing the grating process by making it more fun.

The colanders of today bend, squish, fold and conform to the needs of a variety of cooking tasks and demands of diverse kitchen environments.
Although ceramic stoneware varieties certainly are still in production, product descriptions for such colanders list them as berry bowls that are excellent for rinsing fruits and produce. Made with durable blue polypropylene, the colander features a footed base for optimal draining.
Unique wall design squashes down to fit any sized pot, keeping the pot lid on tightly to cut steaming and boiling time.
This patent pending design consists of a strainer which sits securely in a heat resistant container. It has two wide side handles to make it easy to carry, then it collapses into a small disk that easily fits in a drawer or a cabinet.
Made entirely out of silicone, insulated edges prevent burning, and the colander can also be used as a steamer basket.
The drainage holes are designed in a vortex pattern that creates a dazzling effect on counter surfaces when light shines through them.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Our products are selling good to Europe and many other countries with good quality and low price.
It aims to help you create extraordinary times in the kitchen because it is based on “Extraordinary Kitchenware” idea. All XO family members have ergonomic flexible design that allows them to wobble around for a few seconds but never fall over, just like tilting doll.
Adding up some music and dance with feasts is a traditional matter since music eases the tensions, sets the mood and ignites the spirit. This simple mechanism and unique approach can lead to playfulness and human centered design as an important aspect in order to create a different user experience. It’s a set of smart kitchenware that re-creates taste and smell of your food by manipulating your brain. Glancing at her glass of water, she thought how great it would be when you can put water in the glass but still get to enjoy as if you drink something else, unhealthy sugary drinks. Just like the coffee machine and the cordless kettle, this toaster features attractive design with cool blue light. This user-centred design approach ensures HJC’s product designs are optimised for usability, technical performance and aesthetic desirability.
You probably still remember the coffee machine design, this kettle features similar artistic design with subtle soothing blue light.
Both the lid and handle are crafted from pressed stainless steel, with their edges falling away into a sea of soft blue light encircling them. It stands out with its ergonomic and hygienic design among other graters that are hard to use and clean kitchenware kind. However, enamel coated stainless steel models do lend the look of ceramic with the functionality of durable stainless steel. The vertical drainage holes allow liquids to drain away quickly and efficiently, and its square shape makes for efficient storage. The feet on the bottom provide a stable base when sitting the colander in the sink or on a counter.
The strainer features a hygienic stainless steel mesh with stainless steel wire reinforcement and two hooks for stability.
Durable, polished handles help to provide a sure grip, and make it easier to pick up and maneuver the colander.
This kitchen set is portable, functional, modern and artistic helper for anyone who loves cooking. On the other hand, dance and movement helps your appetite up, thus food tastes more appetizing than ever.

You don’t to set any limit to your imagination, create any taste or smell of your favorite food while eating your veggies.
Keeping this in mind, she started to vision a futuristic kitchenware to satisfy our cravings but keep our diet intact. The main aesthetic centrepiece of this unique kettle is the elegantly crafted surfaces that peel away to form the spout.
Continuous soft glowing LED band lights up the room with colour to indicate when the kettle is boiling and subtly indicate the water level display. The main artistic design of this coffee machine is the elegantly crafted surface that resembles a beautiful eye-catching waterfall of rich coffee.
Each knife can be changed easily and dishwasher safe, this is the kind of specification that makes the product considerably hygienic and easy to clean. Heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it can hang conveniently on the side of a pot or function as a steamer.
Once the grease is cool, it can be safely thrown away, or the lid can be attached to the container for storage.
Dishwasher safe, the colander is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit all kitchens.
Designed by Ole Jensen for ROOM COPENHAGEN in 1995, this version is a more modern, durable and price-friendly version. Hoping we have the chance to build long term business relationship with friends all over the world! Orchestra Kitchenware will provide you a brilliant harmony like an orchestra by featuring the required hidden communications and understanding among musicians that goes beyond exchanging words.
This toaster has been designed with large slots in order to cater a wider range of bread types, a crumb tray and a manual plunger with automatic activation. In addition, with its ergonomic handle and the enclosing shell that holds grater and knives together, Satellite is a product that is compatible with modern kitchen. Ole Jensen is originally trained as a ceramicist but has since become one of Denmark’s most influential product designers. The Savora Colander also makes for an impressive centerpiece on a table or counter displaying fruits and vegetables. This kitchenware will surely renovate your meals into an engaging and enjoyable experience.
The subtle blue LED bands indicate when toasting is in process, user can adjust the heat as they like. Coffee lover can place their coffee mug for brewing on top of the rippled stainless steel base plate. The cooling fluid stores up coldness from the freezer and rapidly releases it back into the tray, making fast-freeze possible.
The soft soothing blue light that surrounds the base adds elegant and futuristic touch to this coffee machine design.
In a unique pot, the eco-cook enables to divide 2 or 3 space and to boil different food at the same time. I guess on dark mornings, you’ll light up your kitchen when brewing your coffee using this machine. Moreover when food is taken out the eco-cook, it will automatically drain out, allowing to win precious time. The eco-cook design permits to help 2015 people that pay close attention to energy and time.

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