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As we were driving home one day I spotted a window full of what seemed like glasses and plates.
They actually carry a few things by contemporary Indonesian designers such as Tulisan.  I drop by often to see if there’s anything new. If you are on the lookout for a new china set or just need a few glasses or glass containers, check out the Kedaung Ceramic Shop.
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Ask anyone who cooks and they will tell you that skills and hours of practice are important when it comes to whipping up tasty dishes.
Rest assured that the kitchenware comes from only the most highly acclaimed brands, such as Dualit, Kitchenaid and DICK.
Recognising that owning good quality kitchen wares only means “half the battle won” in creating dishes or perfecting culinary skills, cooking books are also available in the store. If you are interested in contributing to, or advertising with Manual you may get in touch via email. Shopaholic Challenge: 8 Bangkok Shopping Malls in 3 Days - The Two Tales - Trend, Food, Travel and Shopping tales from all around the world. I always buy goods from Thailand now, I use Bangkok personal shopper service, they have a website, maybe they can help you also, no minimum and the fee is the same whatever your order i think.
Hi, may I check with you which is the ideal hotel to stay so that I can reach the 8 shopping malls conveniently?
I asked the driver to pull over and I stumbled upon my now new favorite home ware store in Jakarta.
You can actually find almost anything here from kitchenware to cooking books, china sets and even personalized plates and mugs. The prices are very affordable considering a lot of the china is created for export purposes. Make sure to ask if they have any special discounts for your company or if you are a member of an association. Here you can get your hands on products from fondue maker, pots, whisks, and knives to simply good quality linen tablecloth for your kitchen counter. But, if you want to take a step further, sign up for Pantry Magic’s cooking or baking classes by professional chefs that unquestionably separate you from the rest of amateurs.

They have beautiful designs and it’s a great place to buy china sets or even just some batik platters to use as gifts. Why spend unnecessary hours in the kitchen trying to improvise tools when you can just get it done straightaway with the right quality-focused kitchen gadgets? And you are also most likely to encounter some kitchen tools  you can’t find anywhere else in Jakarta. Following my review about the traditional Chatuchak Weekend Market, I am now going to give you tips and highlight 8 famous and MUST VISIT malls in Bangkok.Day 1Set your schedule from 10am - 6pm to visit the Siam area. You can actually pick any plate you want and they will transform it into a dessert platter, yay! If you are not staying in the main shopping center area (BTS stations Siam or Chit Lom), find the closest BTS station near your place and hop on the train since it is likely the fastest and most convenient transportation to reach Siam.
It could take it up to 1 hour to reach the mall by car.Take a walk along sky walk if you're staying near the Siam or Chit Lom area.
You can find so many Japanese food, snack and sweet vendors in here.Most of the merchants accept credit cards for payment. In here you can find regular brands XXI Forever, Charles & Keith, Havaianas, MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown as well as local brands. These ones are even better than Angelina Jolie's! This reminds me of the old Batman TV series. Maybe they just forget to make the "POW" part. The open space between Siam Center and Siam Discovery. So far this is the biggest store after their main store in Shibuya, Tokyo, with 2 levels full of goodies.
On the first floor you can find cute gadget accessories for your iPhone, iPad and cute bubble handbag. Get LoST in here, you won't regret it. Look how cute are the briefcase and make-up case collection in LoFT. The price is reasonable, but think twice to buy bulky things before later on you have difficulties to transport them back to your country. These bubble bags in LoFT are very unique and make great gifts. I am quite happy that my store SPARKLING SOCIETY is competitive with their price :) The relax seating area between Siam Central and Siam Discovery. Sometimes you can get 1 CD for just 98 Baht (IDR 34,000) and the most important thing is that they are NOT fake CD aka.

In Mang Pong Entertainment center, you can find many foreign movie DVDs that have not been released in Indonesia due to the censorship. You will need from 10 am to 10 pm to explore the most wanted shopping place to visit in Bangkok "Platinum Mall" and then continue your exploration to "Central World"Platinum Mall is not along the line of BTS stations.
While they all have meters, they will ask you in the beginning to pay a fixed fare without using the meter, and often it will cost "double the meter". Not only a hype in Bangkok, but my friends in Jakarta were already super excited to recommend me this place.
However, after I arrived at this mall and urgently needed to go to toilet, I was so shocked! The toilet was nicely clean, the janitor was properly dressed and they there was plenty of toilet paper. That's something!The Platinum Mall claims to be the largest stylish wholesale & retail fashion mall with more than 2,300 shops. I bought an A Line dress for only 200 Baht (IDR 68,000) and a tank top at around 120 Baht (IDR 35,000).
From 12 clothes that I bought 2 don't fit me.My suggestion is to browse the store from the highest floor near the food court area and end your walk on the ground floor. However because the original price is not expensive, they will only give you 20 - 30 Baht less.The store highlight is WIGGY - the wig store. They also provide so many hair colors that one will fit with yours.End your journey in this mall in the food court. You can find a very good quality wig (medium length) in a wide range of colors made out of synthetic material. The store assistant will be happy to teach you how to wear and clean it. ADORABLE Accessories Shop. Today it's time for you to do window shopping or shopping like socialites in Gaysorn Luxury Mall which is located near Chit Lom BTS Station.

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