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Rollers for Cutting Classic Thin Spaghetti NoodlesMarcato attachment cutters are crafted in Italy to the same standards of durability and functionality that made their pasta machines legendary. Protect your hands from hot pots using Le Creuset's highly advanced Double Oven Glove in coastal blue. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Make peeling your fresh, seasonal vegetables quick work with this Tomkin Stainless Steel Daily Vegetable Peeler Black. Made from Le Creuset's special textile of 100% cotton-canvas, this modern glove is Teflon-coated to prevent grease, stains, steam and heat from getting to you. Deeply anchored in traditional, sound techniques of craftsmanship, we make functional and timeless utensils for the modern kitchen – from the everyday household to the professional kitchen. While their squared walls and flip-top lids give an Old-World look to your kitchen, their state-of-the-art hermetic seals keep moisture out without fail, ensuring your dried foods stay as fresh as the day you brought them home.
Fitted with 4 convenient pockets, this glove has both your hands covered any way you put it on!About Le CreusetSince 1925, the Le Creuset company in the northern French town of Fresnoy-Le-Grande has been manufacturing the finest quality enameled cast iron cookware.

No kitchen is complete without one!From even before the time of the Romans, the Italians have celebrated a passion for glass. Distinguishable by its bright colors and classic lines, Le Creuset cookware is renowned for its durability, its ease of use, and its ability to evenly and gently cook food to perfection. Combining traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced, environmentally-responsible technologies, they offer one of the largest and most innovative selections of glassware in the world.

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All-clad stainless roti pan combo

Rubric: Calphalon Kitchen Essentials Pan


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