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Tea & coffee 7.5" tall, pierced plates 8" diameter, salt, pepper, three lidded canisters [two with spoons] two jampts.
A Leeds is blessed with a host of excellent independent shops and paying them a visit may well be the best decision you make this Christmas. Ita€™s the thought that counts and avoiding the high street a€“ and Amazon a€“ in favour of a more personal and unique independent offering can bag you the perfect gift and a few brownie points to boot. Before wea€™ve even got to the produce itself, one of the merits of Christmas shopping at Chirpy, is the chance to escape the Leeds city centre bustle in favour of a gentler stroll around Chapel Allerton. Run by Harriet Vaight, Chirpy is one of the newer independent lifestyle design shops in Leeds, producing distinctive home accessories and goods.
For Harriet, ita€™s all about offering a€?quirky and fun high quality gifts with a bit of character.a€? Chirpy are celebrating their first birthday on 30th November 2013, with gift vouchers up for grabs for every A?25 and A?50 spent, as well as other festivities, so that may be a good time to pop in. No discussion of independent shops in Leeds would be complete without taking a look within the hallowed doors of Handpicked Hall. Like some sort of vast, crafty Russian Doll, Our Handmade Collective is in itself a collection of crafters and artists within the independent hub that is Handpicked Hall. If youa€™re unsure what to expect, Claire Riley at Our Handmade Collective rattled off a€?hand crocheted booties a€¦hand painted wine glassesa€¦fused glass jewellerya€¦ Lego character artworka€¦Vintage map butterfly artwork and vintage tea cup candlesa€? a€“ just to give a sense of the variety on offer at this Leeds independent shop. Maybe youa€™re looking to bag something a bit more substantial whilst Christmas shopping in Leeds. Whether youa€™re looking to treat yourself or delight a friend, rest assured that whoever wears one of their dresses is unlikely to fall victim to the dreaded, a€?wea€™re wearing the same outfita€™ dilemma, which if American sitcoms have taught me anything, is a bad thing to happen. The Leeds independent shop limits the number of dresses in the same design so that you can walk away with something rather exclusive. Their collection is especially suited to the balls, parties and general shindigs that you may well be attending this Christmas in Leeds. Julie particularly recommends their range of long red carpet dresses, cocktails dresses, as well as their current jewellery offerings. Always a solid choice for the domestic gods and goddesses in your life; if youa€™re looking for independent shops in Leeds that offer high-quality kitchenware, then look no further than Peter Maturi. Even though the shop has been a fixture in Leeds for nigh on 115 years, Ia€™m sure that many of us dona€™t venture much further than Argos and TK Maxx when wea€™re kitting out our kitchens. The Peter Maturi range includes all kinds of cookware, bakeware, kitchen electricals, coffee machines and spice racks, with plenty more niche options that will make you look like a particularly attentive bearer of gifts. We asked the owner, Luisa Maturi about their food range a€“ extended especially for this Christmas in Leeds. A much better alternative to simply buying the DVD of the latest comic book blockbuster to explode onto our screens is to venture into one of Leedsa€™ very own independent comic-book shops, OK Comics.
A feast for the eyes and often with, underrated, written content to boot, comics and graphic novels are highly collectable. Like many independent shops in Leeds, OK Comics provide a service that goes beyond what you can expect in high street stores.
Although therea€™s enough on offer to suit every taste, OK Comics have a few recommendations in particular, for those Christmas shopping in Leeds.
Now, if youa€™re still at a loss as to which independent shops in Leeds cater to fashion-conscious males, rather than just the fairer sex, Open Lifestyle in Thorntona€™s Arcade has all the clothes and accessories you could ever require when Christmas shopping in Leeds. The clothes, which are globally sourced, are worth a look in themselves a€“ including a particularly impressive range of t-shirts and sweaters a€“ but ita€™s the bits and bobs that fit oh so snugly into stockings that makes Open Lifestyle worth considering this Christmas in Leeds. Sometimes when Christmas shopping in Leeds, ita€™s important to think bigger and further than the fleeting gratification that many Christmas gifts provide.
But, although analogue photography loses in the battle of convenience with digital cameras a€“ which WY Cameras provide accessories for as well a€“ film cameras have many merits including the capacity to take superior landscape shots. Tom Horton at West Yorkshire Cameras is on hand to offer some advice when it comes to getting started with photography this Christmas in Leeds.
Leeds-List uses cookies to improve your visit through personalisation, advertising and analytics. Theya€™re best known for their afternoon tea, serving up sandwiches and tea on vintage floral plates and patterned teapots.
We went down for lunch and perched ourselves at a table with mismatched chairs and a netted tablecloth. We couldn’t go to a tearoom and not have any tea, so we consulted the lengthy tea menu. My partner in lunching crime ordered the cheese and pickle sandwich and although it may sound a little dull, it was a classic executed well. Thata€™s the thing with Just Grand!, ita€™s the small details that make up the whole experience.
The cakes are baked fresh, the tea is lovingly brewed and the small lunchtime menu delivers. Shabby vintage Royal Doulton - England pitcher, Old Leeds Spray pattern, milk jug size (about 6" tall). 74 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AH Works of Henry Moore (Castleford, 1898-1986) as well as prints and portfolios. Canal Road, Armley, Leeds LS12 2QF Huge mill complex located about 2 miles outside city centre. Temple Newsam Road, off Selby Road, Leeds LS15 0AE Note: this is over 5 miles from the city centre and awkward to get to! The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL Located off the Headrow - cinema, cafes and bars, with around 20 shops. Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8LQ Shopping centre located between the Headrow and the Merrion Centre.
Briggate, Leeds LS1 Opened in Spring 2013 and is Leeds' largest shopping centre with around 120 stores. 83 Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7DJ Building (between Market and Leeds Minster) housing independent clothing designers, tea room, vintage, jewellery, hats, etc. Briggate, Leeds LS1 Newly renovated modern arcade linking the bottom of Briggate to the Corn Exchange area. If you've read my Leeds Uni general review you'll know that I spent some time studying at Sussex uniso have agood first hand comparison to make regarding halls as well. I am in the middle of my first year of university so thought I would write an honest and recent review of Henry Price halls for those applying to Leeds for accommodation next year.
I have just completed my first year studying International History and Politics at the University of Leeds.
I was in Ellerslie Halls in 2007 which is an on campus, catered, non smoking halls with rooms, not flats. I had to go to Leeds uni through clearing so first of all i was quite pleased when i actually got into uni accomidation at all. The halls at leeds university are not really that bad in comparason with other halls I've crashed in around this lovley country of ours.
Using Yorkshire creative types to source her products, when you buy from Chirpy therea€™s the added bonus of supporting the local community this Christmas in Leeds.
Therea€™s a€?biscuit themed goodies, new jewellery ranges in too, as well as some gorgeous smellies from Orla Kiely, Leeds Soap and Beefayre.a€? There are also handy stocking fillers for the kids, a€?super cool fox slippers, reindeer hats and Christmas pudding leggingsa€?.

This conglomerate of independent traders is home to a particularly handy pit-stop for Christmas shopping in Leeds that goes by the name of Our Handmade Collective. The store showcases the works of over 20 designers, with the whole project centred around providing Leeds folk with some nifty gift options a€“ perfect for Christmas in Leeds.
Central Arcadea€™s, Your Dressing Room is a womana€™s boutique that provides glamorous evening wear for those heading out for a night on the tiles. If the New Yeara€™s Eve masquerade ball at Royal Armouries sounds like your bag, Your Dressing Room will be able to kit you out with dresses and masks, rather handily. More upmarket than your average kitchenware shop, you might have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets but therea€™s plenty of kitchen knick-knacks that will make your Christmas shopping in Leeds much easier. Options include a fancy cocktail-making kit and a cake pop maker which allows you to quickly rustle up 12 miniature cakes, complete with sticks to make a lollipop-esque treat. They also provide all the over-the-top action that make comic-book adaptations such a blast, as well as subtleties that are often lost on the silver-screen. Rivalling the addictive nature of the sacred staple stocking-filler that is the annual Guinness World Records book, a€?Supergraphicsa€™ is a€?packed with pie charts, venn diagrams, maps and timelines covering all kinds of superheroes and comic characters.
Therea€™s mini shaving kits, including, a€?Mr Nattya€™s Beard Elixira€™ which is a product tailored specifically to those distinguished fellows amongst us who take great pride in their facial hair. Tom Dyer at Open Lifestyle reckons, a€?As far as special gifts go, an item from one of our premium brands such as Garbstore, Reigning Champ, Soulland, Han Kjobenhavn or A Kind of Guise is an ideal statement gift as far as clothing goes. As the famous slogan goes, a€?A dog is for life, not just for Christmasa€™ and West Yorkshire Cameras is one of the independent shops in Leeds that offer gifts that can lead to a lifelong hobby.
Plus they offer something a bit more unique and more traditional than what your average Tom, Dick and Larry are using, which is exactly what you want out of your Leeds independent shops.
Your browser (the software you use to use the internet) allows us to create these small pieces of information ("cookies") on your computer. The place is filled with pretty kitchenware and you can even buy some of your own to take home. The big windows allow for some great people watching, as you sit and munch away, and the entire atmosphere of the tearoom is relaxed and friendly. There was a choice of bread, as there is with every sandwich on the small but flavour spanning sandwich choices. From the homemade cakes displayed in cake stands on the counter to the tea timers and vintage decorations strewn about, the devil is in the detail.
Henry Price is self catering accommodation, right next to uni, which although not the cheapest accommodation is still no where near as expensive as some others. It was my first time living away from home and the parents so it was imperative to me to get the right accomodation.
This ensures that in the event of a connection time-out your contribution is not lost on posting.Bodington hall is a great place to be as it has a real community feel. IN my first year I stayed at the rather posh hall (Devonshire) which I've talked a lot about in another review on Dooyoo.
There are all kinds of male-oriented grooming products, flavoured toothpastes and an affordable but striking watch selection as well. Of course West Yorkshire Cameras is primarily a mecca for those that already know a thing or two about photography, so if youa€™re Christmas shopping for any camera-buffs in Leeds this Corn Exchange store is ideal. The eclectic furniture is placed around the space, part of Handpicked Hall in the Grand Arcade, and every nook and cranny is filled with a delight for the eyes.
The menu features almost 20 different blends and all are top quality loose teas from Mighty Leaf. Each sandwich comes with a side salad that inventively featured strawberries and theya€™d even taken the time to skin the cucumber. And the service was just as impressive a€“ we had the menu explained to us as we sat down and there was always a friendly smile and chat on offer throughout our lunch.
Ita€™s more of an experience than just grabbing a cup of tea in a paper cup and you can see the amount of care and effort that goes into everything they do. I will break the down into different parts so it is easier to understandLocation - This is the place to be if you want to live close to uni. Fortunately, i chose James Baillie Park, and, could not recommend it more highly to anyone.General----------The general lay out of the flats in James Baillie are 6 bedrooms in a cluster area (meaning there is a main door separating your 6 rooms from the next flat), and then one large kitchen and living area. Meals are taken in the union refectory with a meal card which is topped up a certain amount each day. I has most things that you need all on site and as many of my friends found out it is a good place to find parteners.
We finally settled on a Bombay Chai and Tropical Green tea, which brewed in teapots with a timer to tell us when they were ready.
Ita€™s a personal service that makes you feel welcome but is never over-bearing or uncomfortable. When I was looknig to choose my halls I wanted to learn from the errors of my previous halls and specifically wanted something more independent feeling (as I'm now 21 and don't want to feel like Im living in a hostel!) so JB had 6 to a flat with no cleaners entering your flat or anything, which I actually think is a bonus because it feels like you're just renting in Leeds rather than being supervised and treated like a kid. The union is literally 2 minutes walk away, and what is even more useful to me, as a psychology student is that the psychology building is even closer. The downside to the hall is that you have to get the bus or walk for 45 mins to get to uni, uphill. I also wanted social areas having learnt that a kitchen with simply a table and chairs was not very sociable.
The union is pretty much the centre of everything at the university so whereveryour lectures are held it shouldnt take more than five to ten minutes to walk across campus. This was personally the best factor for me, i did not like the idea of sharing shower facilities with other people. JB has an open plan kitchen-living room with sofas which come in very handy for a) feeling like home and b) hanging out having parties!
The common rooms benefit from high ceilings and neat and tidy decor which gives the halls a rather impressive and grand fist impression. The cheese scone was the perfect partner for this winter warmer and was still hot as it came to the table.
The rooms are a very good size with plenty of well thought out storage such as under your bed to minise clutter. A comedy club night is held every thursday and there is probably various other nights with different offers on.
There is also a grand piano in one of the common rooms of the main hall which is great for those who are musically inspired! Security is good, you have to have a card and a key to get into both the main gate, your block and your flat. Faultless flavours filled my mouth with the creaminess of the cheese and the slight sweetness of the scone dough. The kitchen is well-equipped with an oven, microwave, sink, kettle, toaster and a massive breakfast bar for preparing food. The social scene at Bod was also really good with an all night ball and partys throughout the year.
Look at Boddington (even though it is a long way from the uni its got its own social scene and there is a bus to uni all the time).

Other halls I've visited have been to a similar standard and I've heard no-one complain!Only down side of JBP ando ther UNITE accom is the price but honestly, it's worth it! The Eldon which is just around the corner has an offer on on tuesdays where drinks are 1.50, but it can get pretty busy then. So i would defiantely take one along, for those late night cheese toasties after a night out.The living room is fairly basic, with 6 seats neatly laid out, but there is plenty of room and a tv aerial plug socket if you want to bring one up. Theres a carpet thats just plain, a bed, a desk with some shelves, a wardrobe and 2 chairs so bring your own stuff to make it your own. A bit further down the road than the library pub is a row of takeaways which are very cheap but still taste good.
It was in a good state when I arrived although I didnt spend too much time in my room because of the bar being there. Its not as cheap as you would findin a supermarket but considered its just up the road the alcohol is very reasonably priced and still makes your night out a lot cheaper if you drink before you go out. This is largely due to the site being owned by Unite, who rent the property to the University. The most basic student loan entitles you to ?3550 so you only need to find ?450 throughout the year, which, in reality, is not a lot of money. Most of my evenings were spent online, at the bar (DJ dave isn't too bad), playing with childrens toys and hanging out of windows.
It is not too far but when you are travelling back with a load of bags it might seem like quite a trek. If it is to you, then get a job.Summary-----------The only other problem JBP has are that the walls are literally paper thin, meaning that if you ever do want to get an early night, you may be struggling. There is a bus that stops right outside Henry Price but Im not sure of the prices etc as I never go on the bus :) To get into town it will probably take you about 20-25 mins walk.
However, don't let this put you off too much, you will want to be involved in everything, so you won't care about sleeping. I lived very happily in flat 54E for one year, and was sad to move out and into my new house this year!
There is also a free city bus that stops at uni and goes straight into town which you can catch.
It is sometimes very reliable and comes every few minutes yet other times I have been waiting for forty minutes with loads of bags before it turned up. If you go out at night,it is usually about 5 pounds in a taxi back to HP, which is split between a taxi full of you is next to nothing.
Also,if you do find yourself stranded without any money, Amber taxis will take you home in return for your student card which you go pick up the next day at uni and pay the taxi fair.
If you fancy a night out, but dont want to go too far, the union has the old bar and the terrace to go for some drinks, and also the unis has its own nightclub.Basically, HP is in a great location is you find it hard getting up in the mornings.
You dont have to worry about getting buses and stuff, you can just roll out of bed and go to lectures, which also means you dont have to fork out even more money for a bus pass.Layout of the building - There are 5 blocks B-F (no A block exists) and 5 floors in each block. My flat was certain that we had a demon squirral outside in the trees as it kept staring in through the window. In blocks B-E there are 2 flats on each floor (one either side of the stairs) which I think each have 8 people in. In block F there is one flat per floor with 7 people in it, and on the other side of the stairs is a subwardens room on each floor. They get their own mini flat with a big room and proper bathroom but they do share the kitchen with the rest of us. The kitchen is bigger in F block and laid out differently but not necessarily any better than the other blocks.
Your flat is basically a corridor, with peoples rooms on either side and another door leading to the kitchen. There is a laundrette near B block which costs 2 pound to wash a load and 1 pound for the dryer. All I know is that there is one subwarden on each floor of F block, so 5 in total, and they are in charge of the whole of HP. They take it in turns to be on duty and have a number you can call if you need them for anything. I think you can phone them for problems with your flatmates etc but mostly they are there to deal with noise complains. They are usually postgraduate students but only in their early 20s so they still remember what it is like to be a student. I think if people repeatedly do this they can get warnings etc although Im not sure cos I dont know anyone who has. It is in the middle of a busy street wiht lots of students, your flat will have around 8 people in it who will be drinking etc and not everyone will be very understanding when it comes to keeping it down. I personally think the best thing to do is to have a word with your flatmates if you want them to be quieter and do it nicely, before you call the subwarden as you will get a lot more respect in the long run. The noise etc really depends on luck of who you get put with, but you will always get people being stupid etc.
For example, parties wiht loud music happen regularly, something which some of myfriends in devonshire have received disciplinaries for, and they where nowhere near as loud as ours. I think devonshire is strict about being quiet after a certain time, and although that rule is technically there for HP it isnt enforced very much. It isnt much of a problem for me as I liek the social aspect of it and alhtough people being noisy when Im trying to sleep is sometimes annoying, I can sleep through most stuff. Its got a single bed, sink with mirror above it, wardrobe, a bedside table with some storage room, some drawers under the bed, and a desk with little drawers in and a chair.
You arent really allowed to put things on the wall with pins but there are two big notice boards to pin things up on,and if you do want to stick things on walls white tack doesnt leave a mark. The en suite rooms are bigger than the normal rooms but really all the roomsare a decent size.Kitchen - pretty average self catering kitchen. Also I dont know if it is different in other blocks but in F block there are 3 fridges and 3 freeezers. You share the bathroom with the person next door to you and there is no locks on the doors, (otherwise you could lock the other person out of the bathroom) It is OK if you come up with a system (e.g. Not really ideal for the type of person who doesnt like using public toilets incase anyone hears them go, as its much worse. Not really a big deal for most people, but if its something you feel self conscious about it wont be ideal. Ours is always way too hot, unless you turn the temperature right down, and then it isnt powerful enough.

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