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It is a hi-tech product into which stainless mesh and PBT are united by applying a hybrid method.
We are a factory and trader in Hebei Province China, which special manufacture casting products. We brings to you a variety of different quilting stencils to use to complete your quilting projects. We have more than 600-models available, and every image has its special meaning and creating idea.

Source Plus Weaving (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd is an export-oriented company which occupies 50hectares, and has a new factory which is under construction around 20000 m2. As high-quality stainless steel wire is used, rusting or discoloration will not take place, making the product hygienic and providing excellent cutting. The product is practical as it can be also used for cutting boiled eggs, muk, cheese, and sausage. It is the first and only one of its kind that is produced in Korea and exported to overseas markets.

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