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Cooking with Calphalon Bundle Hard-anodized Non Stick Double Griddle and 9-piece Kitchen Utensil Set. There's nothing more satisfying than a home-cooked meal, it is sure to delight your loved ones’ tummies and souls. Enjoy pure cooking while you whip up delicacies using gourmet cookware, bakeware and kitchen equipment. Pay less for the world’s finest cookware by comparing products and prices across the websites listed on Junglee.
Congratulations, you have successfully subscribed to receive discount coupons and special offers by email. We offer many styles and shapes of sturdy high quality wooden spoons from hard workers to deep serving spoons of all sizes.
Very handy and stylish long handled iced tea pitcher long spoon for mixing up that batch of tea or lemonade while keeping your fingers dry.
Very handy and stylish wooden long iced tea spoon for mixing up those tall glasses iced tea. Not quite as beefy as our standard classic work spoon, this spoon is perfect for smaller hands.

Our wooden work spoons and wooden ladles are handcrafted by the local citizens of Appalachia.
Thank you for looking and shopping and we know that our wooden kitchen utensils and chef tools will exceed your expectations! Enjoy hassle-free cooking using cooking appliances and dinnerware from the cooking and dining section on Junglee. Discover a wide range of cooking and dining products for everyday, as well as, specialist cookware needs when you shop online. Check out a wide selection of functional and design-oriented products in the field of cooking and dining that are sure to help you create some memorable meals. There are many different kitchen utensils out there to choose from, and the kitchen utensils you select will have a huge impact on the time you spend in your kitchen.
Stock your kitchen with the basic cooking essentials and invest in the best cooking and dining accessories. Our handmade hardwood wooden kitchen tools and utensils will not scratch your stainless or teflon pans, griddles, cookie sheets, ceramics, porcelain, or pots. Stirring, serving, and tasting will be a joy with this classic right or left handed work spoon.

Heavy duty stirring, serving, and tasting will be a joy in large pots with this classic work spoon. Your purchase of a wooden spoon or ladle goes to support local crafts people working hard to not only supply useful tools and items but also beautiful works of craft as well. Save yourself the trouble of buying and carrying kitchen utensils and tableware from the store. For people who love to cook, the selection listed on Junglee has exciting cooking and dining accessories including the very best in dinnerware, bakeware, kitchen essentials and handmade tableware. All wood is locally harvested and sustainably and selectively cut on well managed wood lots, and all scraps are reused for a wide variety of purposes including heating the shop.
The shop workers take great pride in their craft so please feel free to send us a note about their work.

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