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Normally I find new kitchen shops via readers or my own travels, but this time I was reading news feed articles and discovered the Cook’s Nook in Roanoke, VA.
Nearly every time I am sent information about a kitchen shop I haven’t personally visited, I am able to gather information on them via their store website, but not in this case.
The Roanoke Times article continued, “Cook’s Nook manager Cristy Linkous greets customers, many by their first names, as they walk through the door.
Ironically, Linkous said she gets inspiration on how to augment her main product stock from her regular customers, new customer requests and social media such as Pinterest. There is a Facebook page and you can check in to their FourSquare entry once you get there. Based on the heavy use of exclamation points used in these reviews, they seem just a tad enthusiastic.
Gifts from your kitchen—now, and any time of the year, really—demonstrate your thoughtfulness and planning, are generally affordable, and are usually very welcome.
The fun part of a homemade gift from the kitchen is that you’re sharing part of your family—an old family recipe or personal favorite.
During the holidays, we all feel pressed for time, and nothing is better than an extra hand to help. Place the mustard seeds in a heavy zip-lock plastic bag and pound them 4 to 5 times with the bottom of a skillet to smash some of the seeds.
Pour the nut mixture onto the greased foil and bake in the oven for 10 minutes, until toasted and fragrant. I learned early that the attraction to truffles is the taste and quality of the chocolate, so don’t skimp on this ingredient. Track lighting is perfect for performing tasks around the large crafts table, while a built-in bookcase stores supplies, books and art work. ChurchesFellowship is a fundamental part of any church and doesn't end at the sanctuary doors. Segall Group has provided and implemented a real estate strategy for Dallas-based Zoe’s Kitchen, a 100 store fast casual Mediterranean restaurant chain. Gavigan’s Furniture is a four-store, family owned retailer with a 30+ year history in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Pet Supplies Plus chose Segall Group to plan and execute the retailer’s rollout in the Mid-Atlantic region. Segall Group has handled the mid-Atlantic rollout of this Colorado-based “rent your own salon suite” concept.
Segall Group client Sugar Oak Management hired the firm to re-tenant the former Schewels Furniture at its newly acquired center in Martinsburg, WV.

Vanguard Equities hired Segall Group to reposition the former Circuit City-anchored shopping center in Rosedale, MD. Segall Group client Chesaco RV operated a small dealership on East Patrick Street in Frederick, MD.
Catering EquipmentTwo critical components to a successful commercial catering operation of any size are mobility and holding equipment. I am left to rely on the Roanoke Times article by Nona Nelson augmented a tiny bit by the Cook’s Nook Facebook page. You rush to the door expecting a uniformed delivery person, bringing that last, most important gift you ordered for your spouse.
It’s fun, too, to see what others eat and choose to share during the holidays, and to get a glimpse of another family’s traditions. A homemade coffee cake or a couple dozen frozen hors d’oeuvres would really fit the bill for someone who has a house full of guests. The best packages are gifts in themselves—a sturdy box or bowl that can be reused is a great container. Picture a plain cellophane bag or an aluminum pan wrapped with personalized ribbon (imprinted with holiday greetings and your name) to dress it up. Everyone knows what to do with mustard, but you could add a recipe for a salad dressing made with the mustard for a nice addition to your gift. Instead of the lengthy process of scooping and rolling the truffles into balls, try cutting them into decorative shapes (squares, rectangles, or small hearts or other cookie-cutter shapes). Combine cream, chocolate and butter in a double boiler, and simmer over warm water until smooth and melted.
The breaking of bread among the congregation is special and it is our goal to make the church's kitchen and servery an integral part of fellowship. The nature of catering is such that food is typically prepared in one location and transported to another.
Clearly the owner has a personal Pinterest account and makes good use of it, so she isn’t averse to technology. I love getting little bags of goodies from friends; I can save them for myself, or share when other guests drop by. A container of soup or a pan of chicken enchiladas or lasagna would be the perfect gift for a busy family. Or consider creating custom labels; you can easily design your own using sticky labels available at the office supply store—which could include cooking instructions or recipe suggestions. Figure out how many gifts you’ll need, then add two or three extra gifts for good luck—there’s always someone unexpected who shows up with a package—and you could take extra gifts to any holiday parties to which you may be invited.

In a heavy saucepan, bring the sugar, spices and water to a boil, stirring constantly until the mixture reaches 240 degrees (soft-ball stage) on a candy thermometer.
This may be a hotel cooking food in one of their kitchens and transporting it several floors to the event they are catering, or a caterer preparing everything at his or her own kitchen and driving it across town. It just seems almost unthinkable to me not to have a web presence, but clearly Cook’s Nook is doing just fine. Reflecting on gifts I’ve loved over the years, the ones that come to mind fall into at least one of three categories: personal, immediately usable or beautifully packaged.
Figure out the cost of the recipe, and whether it will be affordable; sometimes holiday ingredients like nuts can be expensive. Because the food is often transported along with the fact that large amounts of food are prepared at once, holding equipment is of the utmost importance.
Give the people what they want: if everyone looks at you and thinks of your delicious ginger snaps or fabulous brownies, that’s what you should make. Would it be best stored in the fridge or freezer; would it go stale sitting on the counter? Next, make one batch of your gift—to make sure it’s good, and to see how long it will take.
Food needs to maintain its temperature, whether that be hot or cold, while it is waiting to be served. If you’ve made almond toffee for the past 10 years (and gotten compliments on it!), by all means, stick to what you are good at, and what you’re known for. Depending on the size of your operation, we will help determine the proper size and amount of holding and rethermalization equipment necessary. Keep the recipe and a list of recipients in your holiday file so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel next year. It may also be a good idea to keep a list of gifts you received from friends to help remind you who you need to add to your list next year. I’ve included some recipes that I’ve enjoyed that make nice gifts, if you don’t already have one in mind.

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