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After a relentless 10 days on the road the Westfield guys had finally given us a day where the schedule was relatively leisurely. We spent some time with both Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and both stores were as impressive as ever.
Harvey Nichols has created a niche in the cluttered department store marketplace by focusing on cutting-edge fashion and producing highly edited selections for their very upscale customers.
Both Top Shop and Primark are taking supermarket supply chain principles into fashion and making it work.
We took a trip out of town to see how the grocers are looking and it was an interesting trip.
They were also relaunching their Clubcard to build loyalty, and there was a large amount of POS supporting this. Another strong store (which we also saw in flagship high street locations in the UK and the US) was Nokia.
It’s fairly easy for a chef to go out and see where his pig is raised or where his corn came from, It's more difficult to go out and see where your seafood comes from. Chefs in and around Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay who want to see the region’s seafood industry up close just need to call Steve Vilnit, director of Fisheries Marketing at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), and mastermind behind a program that takes chefs on boat tours to the bay’s seafood hotspots. The tours offer culinary professionals an opportunity to harvest Chesapeake Bay seafood alongside the watermen who make their living fishing the bay. Vilnit began the tours when he joined MDNR four years ago, and since then over 500 chefs – some from as far away as New Jersey and Pennsylvania — have taken one of his tours.

Vilnit believes that by meeting the men and women who harvest and process Maryland’s seafood and understanding how the region’s crab, oysters and fish get from the water to the restaurant, Chefs will sell more seafood. The tours are great for the region’s seafood producers as well and they help build bonds between harvesters and chefs.
To demonstrate the power of educating chefs, as well as retailers, food writers and others, Vilnit touts the success of Maryland’s “True Blue” program, a certification for restaurants that have committed to using Maryland crab meat. A complete service, for individual rooms or entire houses, including: consultation, concept development, design, planning, renovation and structural refurbishment, colour and lighting schemes, manufacture of bespoke cabinetry, sourcing and supply of furniture, floor and wall coverings, lighting, antiques and art. The weather was an unseasonably fine and sunny 25 degrees celsius, and Heathrow Airport was a pleasant and speedy (relatively!) experience.
After a quick introduction from the Westfield London team we all headed off in different directions but were all instantly struck by the same observation; there are just SO many people in London! John Lewis (department store) is a really interesting business that at first sight appears to be stuck in the dreaded ‘middle ground’ but is trading fantastically. This has been based on the basic retailing principles of right range (and architecture), good price, excellent service and a strong brand. Our particular favourite this year was the ‘wine juke box’ where you can sample some of the world’s finest wines!
They’re a great example of how to differentiate yourself against supposedly big and better competitors. Top Shop has over 40 deliveries a week to service the store and they turn their stock in just over 2 weeks!

Tesco are clearly concerned with the downturn in consumer confidence and are therefore focusing on value and loyalty.
He worked in the wholesale seafood business for 12 years before joining MDNR, spending two years with Mitsubishi importing tuna and then a decade with J.J.
Oxford Street was a complete sea of people all in search of retail therapy, the parks were jam-packed with deck chairs and everywhere else there were white bodies soaking up the sun. This is down to two things – great customer service and an extremely consistent offer that appeals to the large middle class.
This seems to have worked and their performance has been much improved, however there are question marks about how they will perform once the economy slows as they have no real point of difference. The entire first aisle in the store we visited was dedicated to their value range (although there was a worrying level of out-of-stocks for 11am in the morning) and there were also some strong promotions on all the gondola ends and in ‘fresh’.
The screens presented esoteric, ambient images until a phone was picked up, at which point the screen directly above the phone switched to convey product information. The culture (and structure) of the company is all about the people and this leads to motivated staff who enjoy their work which in turn translates to sales.
The Natural Kitchen didn’t seem to be that well-patronised when we were in there however, so we wondered if it was as successful as retail commentators say it is.

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