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We mostly write about restaurants and food, but we’re sure all foodies will appreciate this gem in the heart of De Pijp, near the Albert Cuyp Market.
Duikelman is somewhat of a kitchen supply institution in Amsterdam, sporting an enormous collection of anything a chef would need in a charmingly packed store. It might take some patience and high tolerance for crowds, but Duikelman Amsterdam certainly is great fun to explore!
Years ago I got as a present a pistol for caramelizations (creme brulee effect, dark golden crusts on roasts, etc.) a friend had found there.
I am pretty sure they do, but this is not the site of the store, so I suggest you contact them directly. We are a full supplier of USED Restaurant Equipment and therefore we will give fair market value for your USED RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES. Whether smallwares, a full restaurant, supermarket or any foodservice equipment that you have for sale, call us and we will give you CASH, CREDIT or work out a great TRADE for equipment! With hundreds of high quality products to choose from, Restaurant Equipment Paradise is your one-stop-shop for discounted Restaurant Equipment! In the main store, you will find anything from pots and pans, knives, books, food processors, espresso makers, ovenware, cutting boards to anything else required for your next cooking adventure. I’ve just bought quite a few things professionally because price wise there is so litlle difference between a wholesale and Duikelman, and the service is so much better. Having served the Los Angeles area for more than 75 years, Surfas guarantees quality cookware, appliances, apparel, cutlery and furniture (and a lot more) for home and restaurants, no matter what your price range.
It has a wide range of smokers and grills like the Cook on 3-Burner for $299, a Captain Cook 4-Burner for $699 and an Odeon 32″ Island for $2,299 with dozens more in between.

Well, Bargain Fair has cleavers and boning knives, pairing knives, butcher knives, steak knives, bread knives, Chef’s knives and, of course, knife sharpeners. Bar Keep in Silverlake has everything you need from shaker tins to strainers and muddlers to bottle openers.
As for the interior of the house or decorative items, this style is priceless and timeless, especially if you plan to start collecting the old fashioned kitchen accessories.
We have a huge assortment of New Restaurant Equipment, Used Restaurant Equipment, and Refurbished Restaurant Equipment. In each category, Duikelman has a great range of options from simple to professional, along with knowledgeable staff to help you make a choice. You can also shop around there and order it via a website but here you have and the service and the guarantee and if we all only buy at webshops soon we will not have interesting real shops anymore and that will kill the city!!
For kitchen supplies from saute pans, stock pots, braziers and roasting pans to the big stuff like refrigerators, freezers, storage shelves and convection ovens, Surfas will have whatever it is you need.
Whether you’re looking to slice, dice, chop, mince or fillet your way into a gourmet meal, Bargain Fair will help get you there. We've got ovens for your pizzeria, shelving for your commercial kitchen, merchandisers for your grocery store, and so much more! In a more recently opened second store across the street, Duikelman also has a great range of kitchen appliances with a focus on fancy professional equipment.
The shop kind of meanders on, occupying additional space in the neighboring buildings and continuing much further towards the back than you would imagine. While there are no guarantees in cooking, some say having the recipes from professional chefs gives the meal a leg up.

It has a wide range of Mac Professional Knives and other chef knife sets at discount prices.
Browse through all of our restaurant supply categories to find the perfect piece of equipment for your food service business.
The store is loaded with other kitchen accessories and necessities at bargain prices found nowhere else in LA. Bar Keeper also has a grand selection of spirits, vintage cocktail glassware, decanters and a wide variety of gourmet bitters. The old accessories of your kitchen room can be the treasure if you know how to treat them well. Whether you are looking for the Big Dipper Grease Trap, or dishware sets, we have everything you need for your kitchens. From electric boilers to bread makers to rice cookers and coffee grinders, Chung’s has the appliance for you. Those treasure items from your childhood inherited from your parents can be the monumental things for the good old days of your memories. For those who think using professional culinary tools is the key to a great meal, check out these five LA spots for the best cookware.
You will find top-of-the-line coffee makers, steamers, pasta makers, food processors, blenders and much more all at low prices.

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