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I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, to find such a wide variety of delicious Korean food! Many people recommended this place to me, and it was very busy – every table was full. The best part might be the hot meat broth they keep in big tanks in the back – you just serve yourself and take as much as you like.
This samgyeopsal place was recommended to me by one of my readers on Facebook and it’s awesome! It was surprising to me because I’d never seen this kind of presentation before, or tasted flavored samgyeopsal before. I really wanted to make a ssam wrap with their samgyeopsal, but they didn’t provide big lettuce leaves.
This place is in the lower level of the Koreatown Plaza and is well known for it’s jjajjangmyeon and tangsuyuk. If you are looking for Korean cooking utensils and kitchenware (like ttukbaegi) this is the first place you should come. The restaurant offers a kind of set menu where you choose the main fish you want and the size of your party. The stew is served hot and bubbling to your table, and they also make nurungi soup from your rice as dessert. Since I posted last, I proudly own two dome Korean grilling plate, one square grilling plate, 3 table top stoves, and 2 nice size earth bowls. If you want to add more kitchenware stores, please leave them in the comment box so other people can find out about them.
I sure will Maangchi, while I’m in the area checking out Lotte Kitchen I plan to visit other stores acquiring my Korean dinnerware.
Restaurants with the national flower are expensive, but not better than the small places around the corner or across the street.
DBGB is Chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown place where the French brasserie meets the American tavern.
They are known for their 14 varieties of house-made sausages from the Merguez to the Vermont.

It is probably obvious what I loved about this space, the huge mural laid on painted bricks. Finding great food in New York City Now I have to admit, finding quality cuisine in the US isn’t easy for a British girl.
They have their own style of naengmyeon, made with Korean herbs, which is really delicious. I liked the bibimnaengmyeon the best.
Each strip of pork was pressed and tender and had a different flavour – ginseng, herbal, spicy, etc. The fish was super fresh, the service was friendly and warm, and I’ve never seen sea urchin this big! Korean grilling is so much fun with 2 people or a group, my husband loves the recipes and presentation I didn’t have to request for the last two Korean grilling plates thanks to you ;-D love it!! From my experience & own taste, the Mandarin House in K-town plaza is best for their jjampong.
They bring out your choice of different meat and you cookie yourself in the middle of the table. There’s also seasonal Lyonnais inspired cooking alongside mouth watering burgers and towering shellfish platters. A collage of menu items interspersed with hundreds of quotes about food and drink are applied to three mirrored walls and the glass storefront giving the room a unique visual and spatial character which is simultaneously both old world and mid century pop. I’ve been to Los Angeles many times but never spent much time trying the food in Koreatown.
Also, my opinion of what makes a good restaurant seems to be different than other people’s, especially in New York. It was a lot of fun to try the different kinds, and they were all really good! I had a sampler, which was 8 different slabs of samgyeopsal for $45 and good for 3 people. There are so many side dishes and appetizers that by the time the halibut came out we were pretty full!
It’s in a little mall on the corner of Olympic and New Hampshire, across from Beverly Soon Tofu, another must-eat place. For Jjajangmyun, I would recommend the K-town Galleria chinese food court place (forgot the name) on Olympic & Western.

The tangsuyuk look so yummy, if you figure out the crispy and chewy batter please show us; and the bibimbap sea urchin looks just fantastic! Having lived in NY and Queens for many years, I can say the korean food here is much much better.
If you want to join, keep watching my website, or follow me on Facebook for the announcement and signup. I’m going to experiment at home and see if I can figure out how they made such crispy and chewy batter. Floor to ceiling shelving stocked with the restaurant’s own tools, tableware and dry goods overlook a partially open kitchen. Metal restaurant-supply-store shelving creates a hide-and-seek effect between banquettes and the dining room, the dining room and the open kitchen.
The space is defined by a free standing four sided enclosure of open storage shelving filled with dry goods, china, etc which is a working part of the kitchen.
If you want all you can eat, Choi Ga Nae is okay and Woo Gook is more expensive, but gives you seafood options. The shelving acts as an open screen onto the kitchen, glass faced walk-in cooler and cave, which have been purposefully wrapped around two full sides to maximize the kitchen to dining room interface. I personally prefer Young King (young kyung) for jja jang myun in LA, but I’ve had better in Korea. Tying into the kitchen supply reference, used cookware which has been generously provided by chefs from around the globe, lines the top of the shelving. For the finishes, raw concrete structure and floors act as backdrops to wood furniture and fixtures with wrought iron metal details abstracted from historic engravings of kitchens.
Turn of the century kitchen supply catalogs were reimaged to create custom wallpapers and decorative touches in auxiliary spaces.

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