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Hartford corporate apartment residents will enjoy the diverse and historic neighborhoods in this city.
Parkville is named for the confluence of the north and the south branches of the Park River; it is home to Real Art Ways.
Frog Hollow is home to Pope Park and the prestigious Trinity College which is in close proximity of the downtown area of Hartford. Asylum Hill is a mixed residential and business area housing the headquarters of several insurance companies and the Mark Twain House.

The West End is home to the Governor's residence, the University of Hartford and abuts the Hartford Golf Club.
Sheldon Charter Oak was the location of the Charter Oak and its successor monument and also the former Colt headquarters including Armsmear.
The South Meadows is the site of Hartford-Brainard Airport and Hartford's industrial community.
The North Meadows has retail strips and car dealerships and is the location of the Dodge Music Center.

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