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About the author: The Turnstone Tip is authored by Jenny Gauld, space planner for turnstone. It’s easy to imagine the hardwood floors lined with rows of tables and folks congregating for a Friday fish fry.
Earlier this year, turnstone awarded Goodsmiths a $20,000 office makeover, including furniture and design consultation.
The first thing we did was install a turnstone Big Table and made it central to their space. Finally, we removed the desk separators and replaced dated workstations with our Bivi desks, adding a Canopy to create a cozy feeling despite the ceiling height.

This snowflake globe light fixture was a gift to the startup from a neighborhing shop in Valley Junction.
Large whiteboards flank both walls of the conference area, which allow for everything from brainstorming sessions to formal meetings.
The main work area includes a quartered-off conference room, a few rows of desks and two lounge areas.
Despite having good bones, Goodsmiths faced a couple of real challenges: their tall ceilings created a cavernous feel and old desk separators made collaboration tricky. This not only created a standing-height workstation but helped to ramp up office culture by inviting people to gather there – either to socialize or collaborate on projects.

We then carried the same concepts of collaboration and warmth into their lounge area, bringing the ceiling height down with a Big Lamp.
We champion the idea that space and office culture matter, and work behind the scenes to connect the dots so that you can get back to changing the world.

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