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For a restaurant to be profitable, not only does it need to achieve specific sales goals but it must also hit certain cost targets as well.
This workbook is an expanded version of the tools used to create our RecipeMapping series, a step-by-step method for adding menu items, and illustrated using tested recipes from actual restaurants.
The Inventory Master worksheet is used to automatically convert purchase unit cost to recipe unit cost.
Allows you to experiment with various cost percentage targets by entering different selling prices. The recipe card can be printed "without the cost information" for use in your recipe manual and kitchen. The Inventory Master list should reflects not only the purchasing cost and unit of measure, but also the corresponding recipe cost and unit of measure.

The Menu Cost Forms are grouped into 15 separate worksheets, each containing 10 menu cost forms.
Like the Menu Cost Forms, the Recipe worksheets are divided into 15 different groups that can be renamed if desired. The Menu & Recipe Cost Spreadsheet Template is downloadable in Microsoft ExcelA® file format. Once you've completed the setup for each menu item then all you need to do is to enter current purchase prices for ingredients you buy, then watch as each recipe and menu item is automatically updated with current costs. Even a simple, single menu item often requires several recipes, or sub-recipes that are produced in batch. The cost is updated each time the price of ingredients listed in the Inventory master is changed.

The recipe batch is then assigned its own recipe unit and cost based on to total cost to produce the batch and how much it yields. The recipe measures an instructions can be printed without the cost information, for use by the kitchen and in your recipe manual. Once a recipe card is created it can then be used within other recipes, or within the Menu Cost Form.

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