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As beneath all the prime-time bluster lies a revered chef that seriously knows his onions (and peppers, mushrooms, broccoli…). It is incredible what you can do with dry spaghetti, caramelised shallots, garlic, chilli, a really good Parmesan and fresh limes. One thing that holds no purpose, and that I would say the most overrated food, is lambs lettuce.
Gordon Ramsay joins forces with Atlantis, The Palm to bring Bread Street Kitchen & Bar to Dubai. It's a new year and we guarantee a good number of you (ourselves included!) vowed to cook more in 2013. Want to receive updates from The Everygirl including news on giveaways, local events, and other exclusive offers? The experience of cooking can be made more wholesome if you have all essential tools for the kitchen. The Country Porch features the Essentials Collection Blue Kitchen Decorating Theme from India Home Fashions (IHF Home).

Trust me, you’ll be in bed, laid, before you can even set the f**king thing in the fridge.
With a non stick pan there’s less fat, less butter, you let the pan do the work and, also, it galvanises. After bookmarking a few recipes from your favorite cooking blogs, cookbooks, and our food features, you're ready to get to work in the kitchen. A whisk – Pick a solid whisk instead of a wired one, as it helps prevent food from getting stuck and wasted. Knife – Go for an 8-9 inch chef knife which has a handle from the back of the blade and acts like a finger guard when you are cutting food items. Measuring cups and spoons – Measuring accessories are a must for the kitchen as there are certain dishes for which you need to measure ingredients according to the requirement of the recipe, especially if you are sketchy about proportion. Can openers – Can openers are also important as there are many food items which are now available in cans. Sure, you'll need to pick up a few key ingredients each time you try your hand at a new recipe, but make sure you keep the kitchen stocked with these pantry essentials.

A handy tool to whip eggs or cream, it is also a good accessory to make semi solid foods smooth and devoid of lumps. Without it, it becomes impossible, even risky, to open cans, as you can hurt your self in the process.
And then caramelising the shallots, caramelising the garlic, finishing it with chilli, cheese, and then hitting all that with fresh lime. We turned to contributing food editors Clara Artschwager of Chaneling Contessa and Shari Press of The Daily Dish to put together a list of items you should have on hand in the kitchen at all times. They can take a salad up to a new level, again with fresh pasta or even on sourdough toast, beautifully grilled and seasoned with thyme flowers, drizzled with olive oil.
Whether you're doing a little grilling or whipping up your first roast chicken, you'll find that you have the basics needed to make it happen.

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