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Currently, she serves as the Dietary Director of the same nursing home she used to cook in.
She has no plans to leave her current place of employment, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plans for the future. What Are the Different Types of Chefs?: From Short-Order Cook to Executive Chef So, you dream of becoming a chef?
Print out this handy kitchen conversion chart and keep it on-hand for volume measurements while cooking.

Add your fish and cook on all sides on medium heat, till flesh is flaky and the skin is crispy.
But that was before her grandmother showed her a brochure about a culinary program at Seattle Central Community College. I could bring in any recipe I wanted, and the chef instructors would get the ingredients for me to test the recipe.
I love feeling like I’m making a huge difference in a resident’s life by doing what I consider such a small gesture. When cooked in mustard oil the taste is completely different and takes the fish to another level.

Rather than focusing on making sure I was getting good grades (which had never worked before), I was able to concentrate on the techniques, and advice the chefs were teaching me,” she says enthusiastically. You could use other vegetable based oils if you have and I am sure it would taste fine, but the real flavors of this dish will truly come alive if you use  mustard oil. It could also be part of a beautiful Indian meal with some rice and yellow daal and an onion tomato lemony salad.

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