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I don't want to sound cranky so soon after my post o' disdain pointed at chalkboards in the kitchen, but another common(and surprisingly popular) project in the kitchen has recently had me wound up.
Not every customer that comes through our door can afford a solid surface counter top- not every customer we have wants a solid surface kitchen counter. If you are ready to update your kitchen or bath with pizzazz, Excel Cabinets is the perfect place to turn to for your cabinetry needs. Chris & Dick’s is a premier company to contact when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bath. The most eye-catching cabinets for your kitchen or bath can be found at Craftsman Kitchens, LLC. Homeowners, interior designers and professional building contractors have been choosing Canyon Creek Cabinet Company for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects for years. As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of mid-price range custom cabinetry, Canyon Creek is well known for the quality of cabinets produced. You’ll never go wrong with any of the exceedingly beautiful and fine quality cabinet styles from Canyon Creek Cabinet Company. Since 1965, talented woodworkers at Cabinetry by Karman have been custom building extraordinary kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
The most desirable aspects of kitchen and bath design are displayed in every cabinet built – exceptional value, amazing durability, quality construction and craftsmanship, and finally… beauty! Every cabinet is built with only the finest of hardwoods that are protected by the advanced technologies of a durable catalyzed conversion finish.
The kitchen is always the heart of every home, where we gather for companionship as much as for dining, and every kitchen deserves the beauty and quality of fine custom cabinets from StarMark Cabinetry.

In fact, there are more than 170,000 combinations available to ensure your preferences may be completely satisfied.
As you improve your lifestyle with organized and functional storage you will also enhance your home’s appearance with the aesthetic appeal of our creatively designed cabinetry. StarMark Cabinetry sold in Maryland Creative Karpet & Kitchen Designs, Inc.
Maybe it's wrong of me, but this is a design blog of sorts and I never expect everyone to have the same taste as I do. Movement in a slab is often desirable and color can vary from one side of a slab to another. Tile counter tops in general are a fad that went away with the 90's, and if you've ever lived a house or known someone who did live in a house with tile tops, you know that the grout lines are magnets for any cooking, crafting or debauchery you're doing in your kitchen. However, the one thing you will NEVER hear me suggest at our showroom is that a granite tile counter is a good alternative to a traditional granite top.
If it's not completely obvious after looking at the pictures that Formica has re energized the laminate counter world, you might need more help than a designer can give you. These beautiful cabinets help achieve the appearance of a high end luxury kitchen design, with a much more reasonable price tag. Exceptional craftsmanship is apparent in the solid construction, as no detail is overlooked.
Experience and training make these incredible artisans exceedingly good at what they do – which is to build the most beautiful cabinets possible.
You can depend upon Cabinetry by Karman to remain timelessly beautiful for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

From the Artisan Collection, to the Preferred Series to the Gateway Series, all cabinets are crafted with precision and quality for results that enhance any home’s decor. Our versatile selection of styles, colors and finishes provides a wide range of options for your personalized kitchen design.
Whether you want to wake up a tired kitchen or bask in the beauty of a refashioned bathroom, our spectacularly beautiful cabinetry will be the perfect compliment to any design. If you thought that sealing standard granite was daunting(which it isn't), think about having to deal with all those grout lines!
This company produces an extensive line of cabinet options, creating thousands of possible design combinations that enable everyone to possess the perfect cabinet design to complement their decor. This company has always maintained the highest level of commitment to customer satisfaction, which explains their longevity and success. Whether you’re going for a dramatic look, or sophisticated elegance, Cabinetry by Karman has the right look for you! These two areas are the most important aspects of your home, and we provide quality cabinetry to compliment your home’s visual style as well as increase its potential market value. Cornerstone Framed Cabinetry is a very popular choice for many homes, and the Millennia Frameless Cabinets give additional storage solutions for your kitchen design. They also offer an entry-level cabinet line, Newcastle, which provide another budget friendly option in custom cabinet design.

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