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Yes you can contribute to the environment by choosing the most efficient kitchen appliances.
A survey says that the percentage of the usable space on an average in a top model refrigerators is 80%, midlevel freezers is 67% and side-by-side units is 63%.
The ice maker, in-door water and ice dispenser – avoid these features if not necessary, as these features can increase the energy consumption by 10 – 15%.
Keep your fridge away from the stove or oven and also from the windows where sunlight falls in. Downs – while cooking the natural gas produces by-products in the form of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. Ups – the best thing about the electrical appliances is that they can be used through renewable power sources like solar energy and wind energy. Downs – The major part of our daily electricity is coming from coal and it is highly exhausting source and is the highest emitter of greenhouse gases. Magnetic Induction Cook-tops are the latest technology in the sense of energy-efficient kitchen appliances. In induction stoves the vessels are cool to touch as the heat is transferred through conduction making the kitchen safer. The wall ovens are sold in widths of 24, 27, 30 and even 36 inches to suit the standard cabinet sizes.
This way you can save more energy by using smaller oven for frequent use and for occasional use you have the other unit ready. Convection oven with a self-cleaning feature comes in good insulation which enhances energy efficiency by preserving oven temperatures. Use your oven for multiple dishes instead of using them for a dish or two so as to make an efficient use of the oven and save energy. Select the kitchen exhaust hood which is quieter and consumes 65% less energy with an Energy Star-rated model.
Do not even think of exhaust fans as a replacement for the exhaust hoods, as the fans only drive the odors out of the kitchen where as the exhaust hoods drives not only the odors but also the pollutant gases out of your kitchen efficiently.

Make use of energy-saving wash cycle, which requires less water and operates for a short interval of time. Microwaves consume energy between one-fifth and one-half which equivalent to conventional stoves. We try to keep our delivery costs as low as possible by either delivering your products ourselves or using a third party courier company. We are currently working with a number of courier companies to provide a cost effective delivery service to the UK. Please contact us before placing an order so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation. We are unable to ship large appliances and orders at present but smaller items may be possible. If your products are in stock we aim to deliver them to you in 2 to 4 working days, sometimes sooner depending on the time your order is received. When you place your order online a member of our team will check our stock to see if we have it in our warehouse. If the delivery is being made by one of our own vans then it may be possible to specify a time that suits.
Choosing energy efficient appliances not only helps the ecosystem but also benefits you in saving on energy bills. Of late, we have Energy Star Rating (ESR) system which can make you find the energy efficient refrigerator without much effort. If you take a refrigerator too small for your needs and you stuff it with more than it can then it will consume more energy as it is overloaded. The survey also stated that the side-by-side freezers use 20% more electricity than rest of the models. Unlike gas stoves and electric stoves the Induction stove cooks the food by directly transferring the heat to food items in the pan. The energy utilized by an oven depends on its size, so experts’ advice is to take the smaller oven if it is sufficient for your needs.

Exhaust hoods are essential for keeping the quality of air inside your kitchen at safer levels.
So if you are ordering a number of items; appliances, stools, sinks and taps, we may be able to offer you a discounted rate to the ones shown below.
If it's not in stock our suppliers can usually deliver it to us within 1 to 2 working days. However we also use a courier company to deliver our orders so in this instance it may not be possible to choose a time. If you do not open the product, inform us of the return and send it back to us within 14 days you will receive a refund. In the same way supersize refrigerators will keep the empty space cool, which is a waste of energy. Digging the earth to get natural gas is a troublesome and the process pollutes the underground water, drinking water and the air.
In these stoves the heat is generated rapidly and it can be regulated as in normal gas stoves.
If this moisture isn’t driven out properly, it can be a source of moisture problems in your home.
To meet the needs of most households the fridge smaller than 25 cubic feet will be a good choice. The booster heater keeps your dishwasher at the recommended 120 degrees and boosts the hot water to 140 degrees required to melt the dishwasher soaps.

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