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Costco partnered with Ito En in 2006 to create the Kirkland Signature Japanese Green Tea, a blend of sencha and matcha green teas.
We’ve seen it featured in the Costco Connection magazine and of course, we seen the boxes in the store.
You may optionally choose to filter your warehouse selection by selecting one or more of the below services.
What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year.
Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. Safe Haven 2013 >> Pin Still of Mimi Kirkland in Safe Haven (2013) picture to pinterest.Below are more Safe Haven 2013 Phots and Pictures for you. Kirkland is a well-known, reputable brand name that seems to be getting it right with their cat food products. Cats need a great deal of protein to keep their energy levels up, as well as good fats for a shiny coat.
Many owners comment that their cats have shinier coats and renewed energy after eating Kirkland Cat Food.
In addition, the food is very affordable, which is another great feature for cat owners on a budget. I have been feeding my cats Kirkland Maintenance for around 8 years, never had any health issues. I was thinking to try Kirkland cat premium food but after read all this review I think we will stay away from Costco cat food. I can’t afford premium cat food cuz I owned 3 cats and feed a feral colony of 42 so my budget only give to get cat chow. One of the things I am not seeing in ANY of the posts is not all animals can handle a protein rich diet. I believe our friends at Costco are doing their very best to provide good affordable healthy products for people and pets.
I contacted Costco (Seattle) and directly to Kirkland pet food distribution (1-800-797-9607 #on bag) to register a complaint and express my concerns. A few members of the cat rescue group I work with have said they’ve had problems with the Kirkland cat food just recently. Just today, one member lost 2 of 4 kitties that suddenly became extremely ill after eating from a new bag of this cat food. I switched my three cats to the Kirkland brand food about a year ago after feeding them the vet-recommended Hills Science Diet for their entire lives. The one piece of information I am not seeing, and should be included with anyone switching brands of food for their pets is are they remembering to gradually introduce the food, mixing with the food they have been getting. There are folks I know of who’ve fed Kirkland cat food for years no problem but who NOW are seeing problems feeding it!
I started to feed my 40 rescue cats Kirkland on the recommendation of our rescue’s president after I became suspicious of some donated food.
I called Costco to let them know the food could be bad, they couldn’t have cared less. I have been feeding my cats for the last 8 years with kirkland cat food and they never had any problems whatsoever. I have fed my cats this food for the past 5 years and had a problem with my last bag I bought.
It is much more likely your cat ate something other than pet food to become as ill as you claim. If your cat was outside, he could have eaten anything from rotten garbage to a poisoned mouse.
I don’t understand why anyone would be dumb enough to buy a food that is made by a third party. I used to feed my cats Kirkland brand but found that I had more health complications and my vet bills were higher because of it. Our Maine Coon has been eating Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Chicken and Rice Formula Cat Food for the last 9 years.
My 20 lb tabby is 9 yrs old, and has ALWAYS had dry flaky skin, and ,at times, even hair breakage. Of course, I mixed it half and half w the remainder of food they were currently on, til it was gone….
But I feed, water and exercise my cats with a little more intelligence than the average animal care taker.
If humans and animals don’t exercise they often get fat, lazy, depressed, sick and die early.
One of my 3 cats that is outdoors most of the time, climbing trees and jumping onto the roof ended up with arthritis. I let mine out somewhat freely but since we have coyotes around here, I must time when they can go out and when they must come in.

We purchased the Kirkland Maintenance food on Saturday for our 2 cats (Persian and Maine Coon).
For safety, we checked for recalls and saw these reviews and have since removed the cat food to see if the big guy improves. I just bought and opened a Kirkland Super Premium Maintenance Chicken & Rice cat food this past Thursday, August 14th, fed my cat and kitten late afternoon, and on Friday morning the kitten had really pudding like stool.
For a Chicken & Rice formula, the bag smells fishy to me and my girl does look and feels chunkier. I have been purchasing Kirkland Super Premium Maintenance Cat for sometime now with no problems.
Rice is the only grain in this food, and it’s highly non-allergenic so I doubt that is the issue here.
I buy a bag of Maintenance Cat food here in Mexico City 2 months ago and all of my 4 cats loves it, since the switch (I used to feeding them with Purina Cat Chow) they never have any health problem and they look so happy and energetic. If I were you I would divide a new bag into thirds or quarters and freeze them ( I have a chest freezer), taking out one amount at a time. I’ve been feeding Kirkland cat kibble for 3 years, along with 2 other kibbles to give my cats 3 daily choices. If you read all the information about Kirkland Cat Food on the left side of this page, you will see that this Costco brand product is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. I know that sounds silly but we’ve bought green tea that have resulted in a yellow or brownish color tea when brewed.
I didn’t know this previously but maple syrup does not freeze and can be kept in the freezer indefinitely. Both the Super Premium Maintenance Cat Formula and the Adult Cat Healthy Weight and Hairball Control blends are produced with a cata€™s special nutritional needs in mind.
The food also features ground brown and white rice as grains, and a mix of nutritious ingredients like fishmeal, potato protein, peas, chicory root, and Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Cats seem to like the taste of the products, and owners like the fact that their cats seem to be happier and healthier after eating the food. The lack of fillers, high levels of protein, and addition of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are great selling points for many owners who choose their cat food carefully based on ingredients and nutritional value. Diarehha and vomiting are signs of too much protein and you made need to change to a lower protein food. I am sure they must be checking into the quality of their pet foods when people return bags with complaints. We have two kitties and as soon as they turned six months old we decided it was time to take them off kitten food and bought the kirkland cat food. The cats had serious urinary problems and crystals after about a month of feeding either a new formulation or contaminated batch in January 2015. I know that if you just switch food, it can cause diarrhea, and other problems with a pet’s digestion. Company claims no formula changes which may be true but perhaps ingredients themselves are faulty (ie mold or other pathogen contaminating the food). He normally eats meow mix and has gotten pretty fat so I thought I’d slowly switch up his food a little. Coincidentally, my 6 lb chihuahua, also on the same grain free brand was itching so badly that the dr put him on prednisone. We foster a lot of kittens and cats for a good friend of mine that runs Animal World Rescue. Checked manufacturer of Kirkland cat food, Diamond Pet Foods with my vet and got his approval. EXERCISE: I walk and run my cats for a quarter of a mile 3 to 7 times weekly using a silent dog whistle. With tapping, massage and glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, l-cysteine and food concentrate of vitamin c I have reduced his arthritic pain. It’s now Saturday and they both still have very soft stool which prompted me to check if there were any issues reported.
It’s like losing a child for surea€¦Could you please give more details when you are feeling up to it? I’m hoping to find someone who actually saved this info after comparing and old bag to a changed one. I have done much research on internet and discovered at batched with an expiry of May 2015 have sickened both cats and dogs. Wonder why they are advertising so much lately and their food is on sale so frequently now? Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Both products list chicken meal as the first ingredient, with chicken fat following closely behind. The result is an antioxidant-rich blend that gives cats the essential nutrients they need and is easily digestible.

I usually take it out of the bag and store it in smaller well sealed plastic containers to keep it fresh. I used to use the Kirkland Maintenance Cat Food, and have been thinking of going back to it. Do remember to take into consideration when reading this reviews that people very rarely take the time to write positive reviews about a product they love. Within four days he was violently throwing up and visibly dehydrated and wouldn’t eat or drink. It could have been something else but a lot of animals will start vomiting or diarrhea with change in their food. We have been feeding them the Kirkland brand signature cat food for years and have never had any problems although I will tell you that your cats should be eating out of metal or glass bowls. No artificial coloring nor flavoring, But when I checked powdered cellulose, the type was not listed. After seeing so many awful reviews from another site, I’m discontinuing use of this food as well. Their food was making pets sick within the past year vomiting and bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and they never recalled even though pets were dying. Besides the healthy and nutritious ingredients, the affordable price is just another reason why we highly recommend Kirkland Cat Food. Pet owners who have just one cat comment that the 25-pound bag takes a long time to get through, and that it can be quite difficult to carry and transport the giant bag home.
For years many rescuers have used Kirkland cat food (purple bag) for years but be aware that it may not be the same formulation as it was in the past. Just wish this food could be tested by a third party to see IF one of the ingredients is contaminated so that the FDA could warn consumers before anyone else loses a beloved pet. Once I started feeding the Kirkland all the hair issues cleared up and I was thrilled to have a good, inexpensive food to give our cats. I’m not looking for them to pay my vet bill just wanted them to know their food could very likely be bad.
I find that the Kirkland, more than the other bags of kibble, is usually rejected after it’s been opened for a month! I have been feeding this Kirkland cat food for years, but something is different, Cats scratching a lot.
After a week I started talking to my friends and found that others have had issues with kirkland cat food too. I have spent days online researching cat food and there are pages of negative reviews on every cat food out there!! However, this last year has seen 4 cats die of intestinal lymphoma, another of kidney failure and another of congestive heart failure. Vet said without running expensive tests there was no way to know for sure what was wrong but he agreed it was most likely the food.
I think they have also been bought out by Proctor and Gamble so the quality may have been compromised as well.
I bought the IAMS hoping the younger one would eat more but she is the one with all the problems. We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. I stopped feeding Kirkland as soon as my cats look ill and after a month they seem much better, no longer losing fur and listless! I make my own food now out of ground turkey, wheat bran, nutritional yeast, kelp and lecithin–Google how.
My cats are fussier than most & I feel the Kirkland is cheap enough to replace when they refuse it. But like the Kirkland, it’s too low in protein at 32% (ideal is 40% or higher) so you need to supplement with another source of (muscle meat) protein. He was like a child to me and we did everything we could to make him better but he was in so much pain and there was nothing left to do.
We took back the unopened bags and explained the issue and tried to show them this site and others, but the store staff was rude and didn’t care.
Coats shiny and feel like silk–I was amazed how much healthier they are compared to what they were like on Blue Buffalo, and the turkey isn’t even organic! They are dog treats but less expensive than the tiny cat pouch & you can break them up easily. So that right there tells me they need to do a bit more research and come up with a better quality of food. SO in a good kibble, this will be the first ingredient and stated as either chicken or chicken meal (chicken meal is just finely ground & dried chicken).Good luck!

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