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The 1.5 Liter FluxRing® cooking pot offers cooking versatility with a wide-open form factor that makes it easy to simmer and cook for small groups.

FluxRing® technology makes it possible to heat a conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency. View DetailsCoffee press works just like a French press and stows inside the Jetboil cup so it won't take up space in your pack. Sopii kaikille Jetboil polttimille laajentamaan kayttomahdollisuuksia ja lisaamaan keittokapasiteettia.
A· Recommended Use: camping.Jet Boil Flash Flash Cooking SystemTrusted Seller, FREE Shipping, No Sales Tax!

Kattilan ymparilla eristava sukka, joka lyhentaa keittoaikaa (saastaa kaasua) ja tekee kaytosta seka miellyttavampaa etta turvallisempaa. Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year.Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System Forest One SizeFree shipping on $50+ orders!

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