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Learn how to perform music from all around the world on steelpan drums! Be part of a dynamic group performance. In this 12 week workshop you will learn about rhythm and timing through pop, gospel, reggae, rock, calypso and more. MHDT is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, Number 06203804 and a Registered as a charity In England and Wales, Number 1127604. These young people continued to experiment with pans and by the early 1940s had developed instruments that could play simple melodic tunes. Since the steel-bands developed out of the poorer neighborhoods in Trinidad and were associated with the violence of these areas, the instrument was frowned upon by the upper and middle class Trinidadian society who tended to be more adept in their knowledge of European music. After independence, the national Panorama competition was established by the new government as the foremost showcase venue for steel bands. Arrangers soon figured out how to add elements of the other genres to their calypso arrangements, resulting in the lengthy, elaborate arrangements we hear in the current Panorama competitions. This is not to say that there are not additional opportunities for pannists to showcase their talents outside of the Carnival and calypso setting.
Zahra Gordon is a contributor to Island Vibes Magazine and writes about Caribbean culture and entertainment.

During the 1940s the steel pan would increase in versatility and by 1949, steel pan tuners and builders preferred discarded 55 gallon oil drums from which to fashion their instruments. As part of the nationalist doctrine, however, bands were restricted to playing only calypso for this competition.
However, while Panorama remained the height of showcasing for steel-bands, the sole playing of calypso at this event might in turn have created a steel-band movement of pannists, whose knowledge rests solely in calypso, as opposed to musicians, who have a broad knowledge of musical genres.
Outside of the Carnival season other competitions and showcases have arisen where the central focus is not calypso – although calypso is not absent. Up until the 1930s, tamboo-bamboo bands were still the norm for Carnival music among Afro-Trinidadians. Steel-bands were also able to gain recognition by being allowed to participate in the national music festival, forming associations, gaining sponsorship from companies, receiving support from key figures in the middle class, and playing classical music and other genres besides the indigenous calypso. Trinidadian Historian Kim Johnson laments that the steel-pan seems to have “fell to the social scientists by default, as if beating pan was some quaint folk practice, an aspect of ethnicity or national identity or pluralism – anything but a serious, modern art form.” Steel-bands spend months preparing and practicing these elaborate calypso arrangements and this focus may be part of the reason that some believe the steel-band movement has not been taken seriously enough. These events include the World Steelband Music Festival, where bands are required to play a classical piece in addition to a test piece which is usually a calypso, and the Pan in the 21st Century competition where participating bands are given a list of suggested musical genres to choose from, all of which are non-calypso.
While pan is indeed a wonerful 20th-century invention, there are numerous other obscure and mainstream musical instruments that came to be in the 1900s.

So in the interest of knowledge-sharing and challenging misconceptions, here is the true story of the steel-pan and its evolution. The tamboo-bamboo bands were Carnival bands whose instruments consisted of different lengths of bamboo which would be played with sticks and knocked on the ground. In the fight for independence and the rise of nationalism, the leading political parties saw the importance of the steel-pan to Trinidadians and it was then adopted as a symbol of nationalism. Whereas pannists may have been able to “drop a Bomb” in the past while on the road at Carnival or in other venues and gain kudos, Panorama did not allow that comfort. According to Liverpool, “By 1962, the majority of middle class people who had first spurned the movement began to accept the steel-band as the national music of the country. It is believed that the younger generation of Africans at the time sought to and did change this. These songs were usually rehearsed in secret to add to the element of surprise and would sometimes be played in calypso tempo.

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