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Ever since I can remember my favourite food has always been pizza and pasta dishes, and I’m not alone. Something I have noticed a lot with TV chefs, recipe books and online recipes is that it often involves loads of ingredients you’ve never heard of, never mind have in the cupboards, or ingredients that are expensive or difficult to source. I hope to share with you some of the things I have learnt, giving some useful tips and advice to anyone else wanting to create delicious Italian food. Related: kassidy cook stanford, italian flag ww2, indian clay pot cooking, cooking backgrounds powerpoint, cooking pot coloring page, italian football team logos and names, italian renaissance inspired clothing, steve cook pat lee, british suit vs. Even more than its northern neighbor Alto Adige, the Italian region of Trentino manages to combine the best of both worlds, incorporating the snowy peaks and verdant meadows of the Alps and the olive groves and vine yards of the South.
As well as general tips and advice, there will be some quick, easy and cheap recipes to try out for yourself. I hope to show you how to pick the best ingredients to create wonderfully simple yet delicious Italian food. In fact, this beautiful mountainous region, part of the historical South Tyrol, only became part of Italy in 1918, after six centuries of Hapsburg domination, and the regional cuisine reflects the influence of Austria and the north rather than that of the Mediterranean and the south. In fact one of the biggest UK lottery winners celebrated their ?148m prize by ordering a pizza takeaway This is probably how I would celebrate too! Because I have discovered how easy it is to cook Italian food, and I figure if I can do it, anyone can.
Indeed, Trentino is the perfect destination for visitors in search of varied gastronomic experiences.

However, having said that, you can be sure of finding excellent, genuine cooking and dishes that are particularly appropriate to this time of year, and a visit here will be no less of a gastronomic treat than in any other Italian region. I am not Italian, I have never been to Italy and I have only just started cooking Italian food lately.
Having said that, ordering takeaway or eating out can mean you miss out on one of the best parts of Italian food – the actual cooking process.
You can enjoy a lunch of lake fish drizzled with light, fragrant olive oil and accompanied by a delicate local white wine within sight of one of Italy's loveliest lakes, and then go on for dinner in a rustic Alpine restaurant, feasting off the heartier flavors of game, cured meats, pungent cheeses, and polenta. You can start off your meal with paper-thin slices of their smoky cured haunch of pork, known as Speck, or with the many local varieties of smoked sausage, accompanied by the dark rye bread so characteristic of the area.
I’ve been on the hunt for a great classic Italian meatball recipe the past few weeks and I finally found one that I love. It comes from a variety of sources… first the meat combination was from my favorite local butchers over at Lindy and Grundy.
The mix-ins were compliments of some of my family members recipes, and the dredging in flour seemed like a great idea since it gives it a nice little crust. Other characteristic first-course dishes are thick and satisfying barley soups, ravioli served with cheese, wild asparagus, or a delicate nettle sauce, and gnocchi of various types (made with potatoes, ricotta, or semolina). The result from this mish-mash of ideas makes for one pretty awesome meatball.They taste like the meatballs that we had in Italy a few years ago. And I’m fairly certain if I made these for one of my best friends and her entire Italian family, they would be pretty impressed.

In Trentino, in addition to the normal yellow cornmeal polenta, you will also find a polenta made with potatoes or buckwheat flour. If you prefer fish, the area's many lakes and fish farms will provide a variety of freshwater species, in particular trout, carp, and char.
As a region, Trentino is famous for its production of fruit, especially the apples grown in the orchards of the Val di Non. Combine the ingredients with your hands until everything is mixed through.Form meatballs about the size of a golf ball in your hands. Indeed, apples turn up in anything from risotto to meat dishes to the ubiquitous strudels and pies.
Transfer these prepared meatballs to a plate and set aside.Place the flour in a shallow bowl. Roll each meatball through the flour.In a large skillet, add the olive oil, and heat over medium high heat.
Remove the meatballs and repeat the process if needed.Drain the excess olive oil from the pan and place back over the flame.

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