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For a cook in the market for an affordable, efficient cooking experience, True Induction offers this gourmet cooking set complete with a 1600 Watt single burner induction cooktop and 10-piece surgical stainless steel set. True Induction has been a trusted household name for years and the single burner cooktop is perfect for cooking in small areas, when portability, energy efficiency, and safety is key.
The first feature on every piece of gourmet cookware in the True Induction set is the riveted stainless steel handle. All True Induction cookware is ergonomically designed for functionality, sophistication, and ease of use in mind. True Induction gourmet cookware features a lifetime warranty and the single burner comes with a two year limited warranty. Milton Nova Light Weight 5 Pcs Hard Coat Induction CookwareFor Years a trusted Name in hard coat cookware and Kitchen wares. Each piece of True Induction cookware is conductive stainless steel, designed to absorb the maximum amount of energy from the cooking field while still having the ability to work perfectly on conventional gas and electric cooktops.

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It is an eye pleasing gorgeous decoration on dining table and a luring expression at sanacks table too. Designed with induction cooking in mind, this cookware maximizes induction cooking benefits without compromising quality. Additionally rivets are located outside of the cooking area, making the pieces safer and easy to clean. Each piece in this set sports a number of features to help it stand apart from other gourmet cookware. Bacteria growth is cut down because of minimized chances of food caking in the rivets while cooking. The middle layer is composed of thermal conductive aluminum, providing the perfect balance of heat conductivity.

The handles feature a thermal silicone seal to prevent overheating and are made of high quality stainless steel, as are the lids. Responsible for even cooking, this layer ensures that you won't have to worry about hot spots or cold areas.
This kind of stainless steel is stain-free and naturally resistant to food sticking to the bottom of pan without the use of a chemical coating.
Milton wares are durable and elegant available for most clean and hygienic cooking and serving in the same ware you cook-serve-boil-freeze-store in the same ware.

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