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Scanpan make a stainless steel roasting rack which is the perfect fit for this roasting pan. Scanpan Classic Titanium Non Stick Pans - See Our Full Range HereCaring for your Scanpan Roasting Tin - Always clean your pans immediately after use. Falk’s bimetal construction, bonding solid copper to non-reactive stainless steel creates seriously intelligent cookware for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

This is a roasting tin that loves to be used on top of the stove to make gravy!With extra thick side walls and a patented titanium non stick coating it is an excellent roasting tin.
Designed specifically to enable whipping in recipes that require additions of eggs or cream, the higher sides easily accommodate the high volume of mousses and rubans.
Possessing a curved silhouette to match the radius of the average balloon whisk, it’s a pleasing alternative to traditional straight-sided pans. The stainless steel interiors are bonded for the life of the cookware in our bimetal process, providing you with performance and durability, which is unsurpassed in the industry.

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